This Irish Whiskey Cocktail Is Perfect For St. Patrick's Day

March 16, 2016

While many people see St. Patrick's Day just as an excuse to wear green, pinch people, drink green beer and eat some questionable green eggs, it's actually a day that's been celebrated for centuries. St. Patrick's Day is a holiday that was created in remembrance of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Even though St. Patrick's Day is a national holiday in Ireland, it is also widely celebrated by Irish people and others alike throughout the world. Instead of consuming the typical green beer this St. Patrick's Day, try your hand at this classy and delicious Luck of the Irish Whiskey Cocktail by watching the video below. Your classy tastebuds and desire for green won't be disappointed. 




For this lucky St. Patrick's Day cocktail you will need only a few ingredients. You will need Irish whiskey, like Jameson, Irish cream, like Bailey's, Creme de Menthe and mint chocolate candy squares. Add two parts Irish whiskey, one part Irish cream and just a touch of Creme de Menthe, for the minty taste and color, to a cocktail shaker. Make sure to not go too heavy on the Creme de Menthe, otherwise you'll end up with a cocktail that tastes similar to your toothpaste and no one wants that. Once all of the ingredients are in the cocktail shaker, shake until all the liquids are well combined. Pour the Irish creation into classy glasses, not those typical red solo cups. To add a sweet touch to this cocktail, take the mint chocolate candy squares and shave them over the drinks.


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As the girls in the video said, one sip and "it's like making out with a leprechaun."  Well, maybe not quite, but this classy St. Patrick's Day drink will surely put you over the rainbow and into that pot of gold.