PSA Warning.
PSA Warning.

"Disclaimer: this was definitely not my proudest, or most intellectual, moment. I was at my college apartment. One of my roommates had his family up for the day. His parents often brought us stuff for the apartment: cleaning supplies, food, decorations, etc. They had left the apartment and I was there alone. I saw a sandwich bag full of little round yellow-colored balls. Logically thinking, of course, I figured his family brought us a bag of candy. I had a weak spot for candy. So, I put one in my mouth expecting a sweet or sour taste. What I got instead was immediate gagging and the taste of what I could only imagine to be poison. What I found out it was later that day: Garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer! Moral of the story: just as you're taught to not take candy from strangers, also don't take (what you believe to be) 'candy' from an unmarked sandwich bag sitting on your countertop" (Source).

Poor Man's Whipped Cream.
Poor Man's Whipped Cream.

"I was probably 9. My mother had asked me to go to the full-sized freezer in the basement and fetch some meat. When I opened the freezer I was greeted with a tub of Cool Whip aka poor man's whipped cream. So with an impish smile I opened it up, scooped a big chunk out with my finger, and prepared to pop it in my mouth. As I had scooped it out, both the texture of it and its color had struck me as unusual--a little too greasy and not quite snow white enough. I had dismissed these warning signs, climbed the first step and popped it in my mouth, intending to finish it quickly before I entered the kitchen. Then it hit me, this was the vilest, nastiest, greasiest Cool Whip I had ever tasted. I screamed. When my mom realized what I had done, she nearly cried with laughter. She said the butcher had used old Cool Whip containers to store the lard from the pig we bought. Children, don't ever eat frozen lard!" (Source).

"I Can Never Look At Chocolate Sprinkles The Same Way Ever Again."

"When I was a kid, I used to really like chocolate sprinkles. Every time my mom brought me to the grocery store, the first thing on my list was chocolate sprinkles. I would eat them with or without bread, whether I was chilling at home or on my way to school. One day, I was playing hide-and-seek with my sister. As I was hiding behind my parent's bedroom door, I noticed something that looked like a chocolate sprinkle, only somewhat bigger in size. I didn't think twice and took a bite. Turns out it wasn't a delicious chocolate sprinkle that I loved so much. It was from one of the things that I hated the most: a cockroach's egg" (Source).

"Hidden Crab."

"I'm allergic to crab. I live on the East Coast and crabs are our state food and hiding them in things seems to be our state sport. Others claim it is jousting but I never see jousting outside the Renaissance Festival where as restaurants hide crab in food all the time. Waiters seem to be incredibly coy about telling you it is there. 'Our special today is a cold, fruit soup.' 'What's in it?' 'Watermelon, tomato, red peppers, garlic, shallots and celery.' 'Wow, this is really good! Wait, is this crab at the bottom?' (waiter gasps and looks ashen) 'Are you allergic? It's just a garnish!' 'A garnish that was in my food...that I was eating....' 'What is in the Beef Wellington?' 'Mushrooms, spinach, beef jus and all sorts of good things.' After taking a few bites, 'Hey, is this crab in the filling?' (Crab is NOT a traditional filling for Beef Wellington!)" (Source).


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