Dinner And A Show.

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Dinner And A Show.

"The case of the naked Lo Mein!

I was in a ubiquitous Chinese Buffet, minding my own business and overdosing on MSG. Life was good.

A lady walked up to the Shrimp Lo Mein and spent five minutes picking out just the shrimp while angry folks lined up behind her. As she walked away with her plate piled high there were muttered curses from the other patrons.

A couple of minutes later a manager walked by the buffet station and spotted the now naked Low Mein. He was no dummy. He scanned the room and spotted her right away. Now she was a marked woman!

Flash forward a few minutes and a worker comes out to refresh the Shrimp Lo Mein. Our shrimp thief jumps up and begins the process again! She was picking out her third shrimp when the manager accosted her. She looked up, glared at him and flipped him the famous middle finger!

That earned her banishment from the restaurant. As she was escorted out, yelling all the way that she was entitled, folks were clapping. As she was going out the door she vowed never to return. Now folks were laughing at her. She stalked away shouting curses and I loved every minute. An MSG overdose and entertainment all for about $10 is not a bad deal!" (Source).

She Had Her Cakes And Ate Them Too.


She Had Her Cakes And Ate Them Too.

"Once watched a really massive lady (I mean Hoveround bound, so heavy the chair squealed and groaned when she shifted) take entire PANS from the dessert table, like, you know not a plate full of pie, the whole damn pie, and the ones on either side.. she actually took about half the table herself.

But after the dessert, yes AFTER dessert, she went back and picked all the meat out of the meat and veggie or meat and pasta dishes. like all the meat.

Then she moved to the seafood table, and this is the nasty part, she scooped out the plates full of various seafood type items, did not even go to the table, would just suck the butter or broth off the meat, then pour the stuff back into the heating dish and go to the next hot plate.

And the staff, when they tried to remove her, were threatened with a lawsuit. When the cops came t remove her? They had to call in a freaking TECHNICIAN. She pulled the key to scooter, dropped it into the eternal abyss of her bosom, so they had to actually get forklift type thing to move her scooter and all...and the rest of us were given free drink refills for the WEEK and 50 dollar gift cards. Thank you Golden Corral" (Source).

Making A Day Of It.

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Making A Day Of It.

"I have a friend who worked at a buffet restaurant and said some families would come to the restaurant and spend the entire day eating. They would eat a meal, sit around for awhile, then eat some more. Their kids would run around the restaurant and play in between snacking. This would last from lunch through dinner" (Source).

Major Health Code Violation.


Major Health Code Violation.

"A woman walks up to the buffet, rummages through the different bowls with her bare hands, tasting different toppings, licking her fingers then rummaging through the next serving container. She reached down the front of her pants, scratched her crotch, and went back to her bare handed digging through the bowls and other serving containers. She tasted one dressing, spat it back into the serving container.

My wife complained to the weekend manager about what we had seen, and he said it was OK, and that he wasn't going to waste all that food. My wife told him that he was required by the health codes to waste the food. The manager said, 'What are you going to do about it?' My wife told him she would call the health department inspector for that area. The manager then said, 'Why should I be afraid of that b---h? None of those a--holes are in the office, they won't come out, and those dumbf--ks wouldn't know what was going on anyway.' So my wife calls, says, 'Hey Bill, this is Connie, from the West Office, I'm going to be doing an emergency inspection on {RESTAURANT NAME}, if that's OK with you.' The manager told my wife that she couldn't inspect the restaurant, that she wasn't a health inspector, and that we needed to leave before he called the police. Connie showed him her badge, announced that the buffet was closed as a health hazard, and had me go to the car and get her clipboard and inspection kit.

The manager called the police, who backed my wife when they arrived. Connie found enough to totally shut the restaurant down" (Source).


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