Why You Have To Order Your Steak
Why You Have To Order Your Steak "Pink" Or "No Pink"

"I used to be a waitress at Applebees. I would love to tell people that the oriental chicken salad is one of the most fattening things on the menu, with almost 1500 calories. I cringed every time someone ordered it and made the comment of wanting to 'eat light.' But we weren't encouraged to tell people how fattening the menu items were unless they specifically asked. Don't even bother trying to ask to see the nutritional guide in the restaurant. At least at the location I worked at, it was stashed away in a filing cabinet somewhere and I had to get manager approval to show it to someone. We were pretty much told that unless someone had a dietary restriction, we should pretend it isn't available.

Also, whenever someone wanted to order a 'medium rare' steak, and I had to say we only make them 'pink' or 'no pink.' That's because most of the kitchen is a row of microwaves. The steaks were cooked on a stove top, but then microwaved to death. Pink or no pink only referred to how microwaved to death you want your meat."

No Such Thing As An Expiration Date
No Such Thing As An Expiration Date

"I work at Panera Bread. Please don't order anything besides bread and pastries. They are the only things made fresh on a daily basis. The sandwich ingredients are always old or expired. When we find that something has passed its date, we simply switch the date to the next day, and the next and the next. The prep stations get cleaned maybe once or twice a week, the rest of the time they get wiped down with the same dirty rag I washed them with yesterday. The food all gets mixed together. There's Caesar dressing that has chipotle mayo in it, the horseradish has some olives dropped in there, I have no idea if this is turkey or chicken, but it's leaking and smelly and it's going on your sandwich. The soup comes in bags that get heated, frozen, and reheated until they're empty. They film over on an hourly basis, and we just add hot water to them and mix them up; It's really gross.

Also, Panera is pretty much just as bad for you as McDonald's. People come in thinking they're eating healthy, but they're really not. The Italian Combo used to have more than a thousand calories, but they took some stuff off so it's 980 now. All the soups have >1000mg of sodium (Italian Combo has >2000mg or a day's worth). A You Pick Two with Broccoli Cheddar, Frontega, and bread on the side is not significantly different from a McDouble with medium fries."

Breadstick Warning
Breadstick Warning

"Olive Garden breadsticks? DO NOT EAT THEM. They come out of the oven every 3-5 minutes. During dinner rush especially, they're in high demand. They are dumped into a warming drawer for servers to grab with tongs. There are 2-3 pairs of tongs and 5-8 servers waiting for them. The tongs get used by the nice servers who don't end up getting any breadsticks to their table. Servers DO NOT wash their hands enough and they will grab that stuff with their bare hands in order to get breadsticks to their table because people rage if they don't have enough breadsticks. I worked there for ages, and I love those breadsticks. They come frozen in a bag. But I just avoid Olive Garden now because I know I will eat them and they will be gross."

Oh, Pizza Hut And Their Oil
Oh, Pizza Hut And Their Oil

"Pizza Hut secrets: The only fresh veggies are tomatoes, green peppers, and red onions. Everything else comes from cans and prepackaged bags. The only pizza dough that isn't saturated in oil is hand tossed dough. The Edge/Original Pan dough is made with excessive amounts of oil. I make pizza dough at home and I know you can make it with 1/10th the oil. The dough is not prepared daily. If there is left over dough from the previous day, it will be used the following day. If you've ever eaten a Pizza Hut pizza and felt the dough was thicker than usual, you've eaten day old dough. Ham, Black Olives and Salami are the three least used ingredients in Pizza Hut pizzas, so avoid ordering pizzas with these ingredients because they are most likely going bad and haven't been changed in quite some time. The 'natural pizza sauce' or whatever they tell you it is comes from a bag. We mix it with tap water until it's a pizza sauce-worthy consistency and keep it stored in an industrial sized bucket in the walk-in freezer. The oil in the Wing Street fryers is changed upon managerial request, usually based on the color and consistency of the oil. If it can be used for another weekend it will be. It will be topped up with fresh oil when needed, but the oil is rarely changed over completely. Knowing that, consider the amount of potentially spoiled meat products that have been sitting in the same oil that fried up your chicken wings, tater tots and mozzarella sticks."


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