The Aging Eggs
1. The Aging Eggs

After about 3 p.m., it's cook-to-order breakfast, which takes a lot of time. A current McDonald's employee says that some lazy employees just cook a bunch of eggs then use that for the next 5 hours.

The Re-Warmed Burgers
2. The Re-Warmed Burgers

Meat is only supposed to stay in the warmer for 30 minutes, but according to a McDonald's employee, in reality they just keep resetting the timer...might be one or even two hours old.

The Walking Allergens
3. The Walking Allergens

Since hamburger patties and sausage are cooked on the same grill, there is risk of being subject to allergens. Gluten is used in the sausage meat, but not the hamburger meat. 

The Unsanitary Kitchen
4. The Unsanitary Kitchen

"Nobody steam cleans unless there's a visit," says a current McDonald's manager.

The Tainted Patties
5. The Tainted Patties

There are two grills, one is devoted to eggs and the other grill does everything else. Sausage and beef regularly go down on the same grill one after the other. And according to a McDonald's employee, because of the increase of menu items, there usually isn't time to clean the grill.

An Egg-cellent Burger?
6. An Egg-cellent Burger?

According to a former McDonald's employee, the workers will more than likely use the same tongs for meat as eggs and not change their gloves unless asked.

The Topping Confusion
7. The Topping Confusion

According to an unhappy customer, workers are getting ingredients mixed up by putting sausage patties on burger buns and burger patties on English muffins.

The Pristine Hash Browns
8. The Pristine Hash Browns

All-day breakfast could be the cause of the rising menu prices. Hash browns can be over two dollars!

The Long
9. The Long "Fast" Food Wait

Since breakfast isn't in high demand after a certain time, it's made-to-order, so you could be waiting a long time for your "fast food".

The Quick Food
10. The Quick Food

And if you're not waiting, it's definitely not fresh.

The Never Ending Swap
11. The Never Ending Swap

There's not a dedicated switch over, so utensils are often used to cook beef, sausage and eggs. 


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