Who doesn't love salmon? It's delicious, makes us feel fancy and all those omega-3 fatty acids are really beneficial to the body. However when you buy salmon from the grocery store or order it at a restaurant you might not be getting exactly what you want. A new study reports that a lot of the salmon products in the U.S. are often mislabeled and misleading.

Oceana tested 82 samples from various stores and restaurants and found that farmed Atlantic salmon was being labeled as wild salmon. What's worse is that the farmed salmon is dyed in order to look like wild salmon. Wild salmon live in the ocean and are pink because they eat krill. However, farmed salmon are fed a processed kibble composed of chicken fat, soybeans, and other unnatural ingredients. Due to their diet, farmed salmon are not naturally pink, they are actually a sickly grey color. Gross! And because grey fish does not appeal to most people, farmed salmon is dyed pink. It would actually be much cheaper if it wasn't dyed, but we like pink fish.

Sorry if this totally ruined salmon for you. For a more in-depth explanation of salmon fraud check out Adam Ruins Everything.


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