This Mother's Crime Started The Moment She Was Born

A mother's love is supposed to be unconditional, but sadly for one Reddit user, this just wasn't true. Theresa's mother not only abused her as a child but even after she left home. Her mother would do anything in her power to make sure she was dead. Theresa decided to not-so-fondly call her stalker mother, Brenda, "Mommy Fearest" and she definitely deserved the name after years of stalking that escalated into attempted murder.

Theresa and Brenda's mother-daughter relationship was far from a perfect one. Heck, it wasn't even a normal one where they could at least stand to be in the same room together. From the time Theresa was little, her mother drilled it into her head that she wasn't worth the air she breathed. No matter what Theresa did, she always received punishment. Brenda constantly blamed her for the terrible things that happened, and any attempt at reason was met with a hard punch or slap to the face. Theresa began to call her crazy mother "Mommy Fearest" because she became the ultimate stuff of nightmares.

She Would Never Love Her Like A True Mother

When Brenda had a miscarriage, she blamed Theresa. Theresa would always be scarred from the memory of seeing her mother in a tub filled with blood and holding a small being. Brenda looked at then six-year-old Theresa with cold eyes and placed the small being in Theresa's arms, telling her to apologize to it. Theresa realized she was carrying what would've been her little sibling and became speechless. Her mother told her if she wasn't such a bad child that she had to beat, she wouldn't have exerted herself and her sibling would still be alive. Theresa didn't speak for 52 days because of the guilt she'd felt by her mother's words. Years later, when Theresa asked her mother how she could do such a thing, Brenda simply said: "At least it shut you up for a while."

This pattern continued. Everything was always, always, ALWAYS Theresa's fault. It took years for Theresa to be able to escape from her mother's hold and when she moved out, it was the happiest day of her life.

She went on to have children of her own and maintained a fairly stable life with friends and family, but "Mommy Fearest" was far from done with her.

woman with white nail polish dressed in black clothes with a pair of handcuffs restraining her hands

"Mommy Fearest" Strikes Again And Again

For over nine years, Theresa received threatening phone calls and messages from "Mommy Fearest," detailing how she would kill her and her children, her own grandchildren, in a heartbeat. Threatening phone calls and letters turned into actual acts of violence over the years, and no matter how many times Theresa tried to settle the matter in court, the judge believed Brenda's "I'm just a feeble grandmother" excuse every single time. It would take CPS months to become sick of Brenda's false reports that Theresa was abusing her "grandbabies" that Theresa could get a proper restraining order against her.

But even then, it seemed like nothing would stop this psychotic mother.

She would show up at random family events, even at Theresa's friend's baby showers, and "Mommy Fearest" would blame all the cold stares from everyone on Theresa. It wasn't like showing up uninvited and physically assaulting anyone in arm's reach could be helped with her daughter around, right?

Despite cops being called whenever she would show up out at the blue, "Mommy Fearest" wasn't going down without a fight. She'd hiss, gnash, and gnaw at the officers, digging herself an even deeper grave than she did before. As the officers took her away for what should've been the last time in court, "Mommy Fearest" promptly took off her shoe and hurled it at the judge. "You'll all be sorry!" She screamed."I'm the good guy here!"

Theresa couldn't help but laugh when the officers tackled Brenda to the ground and used all their might to restrain her in handcuffs. Theresa could finally see justice being served, but couldn't help but think how ridiculously dramatic her mother was acting.

Brenda stayed in the jail for a while, but of course, she was released a few weeks later and warned ONCE AGAIN to stick to the new restraining order. But sadly, her mother's reign of terror would soon reach its ultimate climax.

Will She Ever Stay Away?!

Life continued for Theresa. With a strong restraining order against Brenda, she hoped life would be easier for her and her family, but "Mommy Fearest" wasn't going to let a piece of paper come between her and her "grandbabies." Brenda still made incessant phone calls, showed up randomly in the same places as Theresa, and even moved a few blocks down from Theresa and her kids. Theresa did her best to ignore "Mommy Fearest," but, as always, that was easier said than done.

Theresa noticed how her mother was beginning to spread rumors about how Theresa was slowly "losing it." She claimed work and the kids were becoming too much and Theresa was becoming more and more overwhelmed with life. So overwhelmed, in fact, that Mommy Fearest worried Theresa would just leave the kids behind for an easier life. Anyone who knew Theresa would've known this was far from the truth, and everyone figured it was "Mommy Fearest" coming back to smear Theresa's name. However, they'd never be able to guess what her true plan was.

scared woman looking out from behind a door with slats

Home Invasion Turned Attempted Murder

One night, Theresa felt like some strong, dark force was standing over as she slept, and when she opened her eyes, she saw no one other than "Mommy Fearest" with a dark grin. She quickly screamed, "Code Red!" before two men who were standing next to her mother covered her mouth and dragged her out of bed. Theresa prayed that her kids heard the code word and knew that "Mommy Fearest" was in their lives once again and that it was time to call for help. But she could only hope.

The two strange men tied Theresa up and looked at Brenda, obviously awaiting some type of order. Brenda stared coldly at Theresa as she told the two men to keep the noise of the beating down because: "If the kids wake up, they'll hate me." Theresa was fuming on the inside. What kind of messed up logic was her mother thinking of this time?! She was willing to kill her daughter yet wanted to maintain the love and approval of her grandchildren? She'd reach an all-time new low. As much as Theresa hated her mother for doing this, she was thankful she wanted to keep things quiet. She feared if her 11-year-old heard anything, he'd come out of his room and be roped into this mess. Theresa swore in that moment she too, would remain as quiet as possible.

However, not shedding a tear or letting out a scream proved difficult. Theresa did everything she could to stay alive and awake through the rigorous beating the two men put her through. She knew if she went unconscious, she'd never know what horrible plan her mother would enact on her innocent children. As Brenda continued to stare at Theresa with no ounce of remorse in her eyes, Theresa stared back, refusing to satisfy her mother with even a single tear. It felt like this beating would go on until the end of Theresa's life, but suddenly she heard the sound she'd been waiting for.

The Final Encounter

Theresa heard what sounded like a stampede that seemed to be coming from her front door. A police squad in complete riot gear soon flooded Theresa's living room and the tears she held back from the pain burst out as she let out a sigh of relief. It turned out that, thankfully, her son had heard her scream "code red" and he quickly called 9-1-1 to let them know Mommy Fearest had returned. He replayed everything he could hear to the 9-1-1 operator, but in a hushed whisper so Brenda and her two goons couldn't hear a word.

Theresa could overhear the officers go to her daughter's bedroom, where her son had snuck off to, and they said: "It's okay. We're here now. Don't come out yet. I will tell you when it's safe. Keep the door locked and keep being brave for your sisters." Theresa smiled a little, feeling proud of her son and how he handled the situation, yet she couldn't help but feel heartbroken he had to go through this in the first place.

Brenda made her usual comments of how weak Theresa was for crying, but at that point, she didn't care. She and her children were going to be safe and the police were here to take this crazy woman off her hands. Theresa was immediately taken to the hospital for stitches for her busted face, broken ribs, collapsed lung, broken hands and arm, and, of course, the beating took a mental and emotional toll, causing PTSD. Theresa had been through so many beatings by the hands of her mother, but this one had to be the worst.

On top of that, Brenda dared to pretend that she was merely at her daughter's by happenstance and that she only wanted to pay her daughter and grandchildren a completely random 3 a.m. visit. Of course, there was no way Brenda was getting off easy, especially since she'd already broken the law by not abiding by Theresa's restraining order. Mommy Fearest was hauled off to jail, but Theresa knew that wouldn't be the end of it. A few weeks later, she talked with her lawyers to see if there was a way to strengthen her restraining order, seeing as it didn't stop her crazy mother from breaking into her home in the middle of the night. The lawyers came up with an idea: If Theresa would see her mother one last time and get her mother to openly confess all of her crimes, it would further incriminate her and make it so she would stay in jail for a very, very long time.

Even though it was the last thing Theresa wanted to do, she knew her mother's narcissism and ego would make it so that the justice system would have all the evidence they needed to charge this woman as criminally insane and she'd never mess be able to mess with Theresa's life again.

With determination in her eyes, she decided in that moment that her "Mommy Fearest" was going to pay for the torment she'd caused her and so many others in her lifetime. Weeks later, Theresa walked into a pure white room with her mother chained to the ground, sitting in a chair. There were microphones and surveillance cameras all around them to record every word and action that would transpire there. Theresa stared her mother directly in the eyes as she took a seat in a chair that had to be at least five to ten feet away from Brenda. This was it, the moment of truth.

women sitting at table out of focus with another person's fist in the foreground

After a beat, Brenda, with an insane look in her eye, went on her usual tirade of how she hated Theresa, how she wished she'd never been born, and cursed Theresa saying she was nothing but a living nightmare. Brenda continued to blame her for every horrible thing and decision that occurred from the moment Theresa was born. Theresa stared blankly at Brenda and sat patiently, rehearsing the words she'd been wanting to say to shut down "Mommy Fearest" for years. Brenda spat out one last insult and finally paused long enough for Theresa to give a rousing speech:

"I want you to know something. When I leave this room, I will not spend another minute - another second - thinking or worrying about you. I am going to go home and hug my kids, hug my father, and live my life happily until the time I am gone. I will not worry about you. I will not be scared of you or for you. I will not dream of you. I will not speak your name. I will not spare another second of my precious time even considering you. I am going to go out in the free world and help other people like me. I am going to help them escape their abusers like I escaped mine. I am going to leave a positive mark on the world. When I die, I will be surrounded by my loved ones. I will be missed. People will laugh and smile when they are reminiscing about me. People will remember me. No one will remember you. You will die alone, surrounded by strangers who don't give a crap about you. No one is going to smile and talk about all their happy memories of you. You will be forgotten. In a generation or two, people won't remember your name. You will be just another number in Potter's field. You failed. You didn't destroy me. You didn't break me. You didn't make anyone hate me. You failed in everything you have dedicated your life to in the last decade. I get to leave here. I get to go home to my kids, my family, your brothers, sister's, nieces and nephews. I get to go home and hug my father, your soon to be ex-husband, and live my life to the fullest. You get to go back to your lonely, empty cell and wonder if anyone will help you. They won't. No one will."

Theresa had finally been able to communicate how much her own mother had hurt her and ruined her. Every word she'd written down and rehearsed over the years were finally said to the one woman who'd ruined her life from the moment she brought her into this world. Mommy Fearest, of course, couldn't let her daughter have the last word and continued to scream and curse at Theresa. Everyone just let her drone on as she tried to escape from her chains. Theresa left her crazy mother behind and felt proud she didn't shed a single tear. That was until she left. She collapsed and cried, realizing the nightmare was finally over and the only eyes that would be in her dreams were those of all the people who loved her.

From that moment on, Theresa was free from her mom's terrible reign and she went back home to her loving family. Her mother was faring far worse in the mental institution, but that didn't concern Theresa anymore She was finally free to live the life she'd always dreamed of.

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