The Back Story

For the most part, parking spots are clearly labeled and set aside for every individual for various needs. There is parking for expecting women, families and even car charging stations for electric cars. But when one woman was just trying to pick her daughter up in the parking spot she was rightly allowed to use, she was rudely interrupted by a woman who had a routine of her own...

Debbie picks her daughter, who is in kindergarten, up daily from a bus stop that is at the top of a hill. Her daughter is mildly disabled but is able to walk up the hill to and from the bus stop on her own accord, albeit at a much slower pace than the rest of the kids. At the bottom of the hill, there is a parking lot for drivers and passenger pick-ups. Yet on this particular day, Debbie noticed that there was a handicapped parking spot that she never noticed before - how strange.

It was also pouring freezing rain, so she thought to herself, "this is one of those times I think I'm justified in using it," so she pulled into the spot without a second thought or concern.

A handicapped parking spot

The Confrontation

While waiting for the bus to arrive, Debbie realized the reason she had never noticed this handicapped spot before. A woman (aptly named, "Super Entitled Mom"), who was not handicapped nor had a handicapped child to pick up, was always parked there illegally.

Right on cue, Super Entitled Mom noticed that someone was in her spot and started to fuss about it, claiming it was "her spot" and that she always parked there. Debbie calmly pointed to fact that it was a handicapped parking spot that she had a tag for. Entitled mom then claimed her tag didn't matter as her daughter hadn't "had trouble going down the hill before."

Debbie just looked at Entitled Mom and blinked slowly in shock. "I didn't know what else to do," she said. Super Entitled Mom then flipped the bird at her and left.

To add insult to injury, when Debbie went to get her daughter up from the bus stop and bring her back to the car, Super Entitled Mom had double-parked to block her and proceeded to take her sweet time to go and pick her own child up. Debbie wasn't a fan of confrontation, so she just simmered inside over this crazy, rude woman.

Two women confront one another

Back At It Again

The next day, when Debbie went to drop her daughter off, Super Entitled Mom was parked in the handicapped spot once again - sort of. She was half parked in the spot and half parked on the sidewalk. Debbie had no idea why but assumed it was probably for plausible deniability of illegally parking in the spot in case the police passed by. Despite it raining again, Debbie did not want to make a scene in front of the other children and parents, so she parked at the bottom of the hill.

But as soon as her daughter got on the bus, she walked over to the Super Entitled Mom and exclaimed, "You realize this is a handicap spot, right? I know the paint is a little faded but there is the sign right there."

Not holding back at all, the Super Entitled Mom went on a pity rant about how she NEEDED to park there as she is on her way to work, while Debbie was simply heading back home. At this point, Debbie admitted she did arrive in the morning in sweatpants, but that's beside the point, so she countered with, "But the weather is changing and soon there will be ice and my daughter will have more trouble with the sidewalk..."

This didn't even phase Super Entitled Mom, who said her daughter obviously didn't "need" the spot "because if she did they would put her on the short bus."

A woman with an evil look on her face

Feeling Dejected

Tired of going back and forth with the crazy woman, Debbie accepted defeat and went back home feeling completely dejected. She could tell this woman was clearly off her rocker, and she knew having a logical conversation was out of the question. On top of that, Debbie feared her daughter might receive retribution for escalating the situation, and the last thing she wanted to do was put a target on her sweet baby's back.

Instead, Debbie decided to mention something at parent/teacher conferences the following week. As she and her daughter were new to the school, Debbie believed the teachers may have been familiar with this women's antic behavior and thus would know how to deal with her accordingly. But she didn't have to wait long for this situation to sort itself out.

A police officer

Karma Came Back Around

That afternoon, as Debbie arrived to pick up her daughter, she realized there was already a police officer there, writing this awful woman a ticket for, once again, parking illegally in the spot. Not surprisingly, Super Entitled Mom was standing next to her car arguing with the cop, occasionally shooting daggers over at Debbie indicating she was ready for a rumble once the cop left. While awesome, Debbie knew there was no way the awful woman would believe she wasn't the one to call the cops and was worried about the aftermath.

Just then, the school bus pulled up and the officer joined everyone at the stop as a little girl came out yelling, "DADDY!!!" and jumped into his arms. The cop made a big deal to hug his daughter and kiss his wife before he got in his police car and drove away.

It turned out, the cop's wife saw the incident that took place the day before and told her husband about it. Furious, the cop came to scope out the scene, leaving Super Entitled Mom with a $100 ticket, threatening that it would be a $300 ticket the next time. If that wasn't great enough, the cop's wife explained that her husband put in a good word with the guys at city hall, ensuring the spot will be well-plowed when the snow arrives.

Debbie was elated at the turn of events, making note that a nice plate of holiday cookies, at the very least, was in order for the couple who saved her from Super Entitled Mom. And as they say, Karma is a real B.

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