This is a story of revenge. It's the story of how one man completely ruined the wedding of his ex-lover without ever speaking to her, without violence or anything physical. And the revenge was completely justified, so it's also completely guilt-free.

Our story begins with our hero, Dino, out to sea on an oil rig, working hard and earning lots of money. Dino was not a show-off, he didn't waste his money or spend it frivolously. Dino, as the story tells us, "was a really nice, quiet guy, and unlike some of the hard-partying guys on the crew, he didn't blow his money as fast as it came in. He had investments and a condo that was fully paid for. The guy wasn't hurting, that's for certain.

And then Dino met a woman.

The woman, who was called something quite nasty by his friends, but who we'll call Andrea, was by all accounts stunningly beautiful. "Centerfold hot," in fact. Way out of Dino's league, who was "a bit ordinary-looking, and kind of shy." So his friends were surprised when he landed her. But at least one friend was suspicious. He said she "raised the hair on the back of my neck," and that she was "one of the most self-centered, attention gathering people I had ever met. She was smart, all right, you could tell that in 5 minutes of conversing with her. But she was devastatingly gorgeous, knew it, and was very skilled at manipulating the people around her. Every instinct in me screamed 'predator.'"

Nevertheless, Andrea soon moved in with Dino and everything seemed to be pretty good at first. But Dino was out of town, working on rigs a lot and he soon started to get suspicious of her behavior while he was gone.

Dino started to notice weird things going on in his bank account. Dino had left Andrea a debit card while he was out of town for work and as he checked his bank statements, he noticed something suspicious. "He was seeing stuff on his bank statements, like a $300 grocery purchase, and then another $200 grocery purchase a couple of days later. Either she was eating $500 worth of groceries a week or she was pumping cash-backs from the grocery store into her purse."

It was enough for him to worry that Andrea was cheating on him, or worse. He devised a plan to catch her in the act. First, "he arranged for his relief to come out a few days early and flew back home."

Dino had a pretty good idea what was going to happen when he got home.

Having a good idea what he'd find when he got home, Dino decided to contact the security guard from the condo association and ask him to come with him as a witness.

Sure enough, when Dino got home, Andrea was surprised as he wasn't due in town for a couple more days. Dino caught Andrea and her lover, but he stayed calm and followed through with his plan: "He didn't go off and didn't lose his temper, to his credit. Just told the guy to get out. Then he told Andrea to get out, too. He handed her the key to a hotel room, 50 bucks for cab fare, and told her to leave." This is when Andrea absolutely lost it.

Of course, Andrea went nuts, she was "screaming, crying, apologizing and proclaiming her love for him in one breath, and cursing him with the next." Dino didn't care, he simply looked over at the security guard and said, "Call the police."

"The cops arrived at about the same time as the locksmith." That's right, Dino had this planned perfectly. As the locksmith's changed the locks, the police told her to leave once they determined that she wasn't on the lease. She left in tears, but if she had any plans to use the debit card he'd given her, she'd be totally disappointed. Dino made sure to cancel that before he even came home.

The next day, Dino had arranged for movers to come. They boxed up all of Andrea's stuff and hauled it off to a pre-paid storage unit. Of course, he didn't bother to answer any calls from her and she was calling a LOT. He also didn't tell her he had moved her stuff out. Rather, when she showed up later, the doorman simply "handed her the key to the storage unit and directions on how to get there. Then he instructed her that she was no longer welcome on the property."

It was done. Dino had kicked her out and was going to move on with life. And he did just that. But he wasn't quite done with Andrea yet. Dino's pride and joy was his white Chevy Monte Carlo and after returning from one of his trips at sea on the oil rig, weeks after the breakup, he found, "four flat tires, a smashed windshield, and a can of red paint had been poured over it." Because security in the garage was shotty, "there was no proof, but it didn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out."

He would get his glorious revenge.

A couple of years after the break-up, Dino learns through a mutual friend that Andrea was getting married. This mutual friend, Nancy, has a sister, Cathy. Cathy was very good friends with Andrea and she told Nancy every detail about the wedding. As luck would have it, Nancy wasn't a big fan of Andrea either, so she became a willing conspirator in Dino's plot to make Andrea's wedding day the worst day of her life.

It starts with a letter with a letter than Dino sends anonymously to Andrea.

The revenge plot has been hatched by Dino and Nancy and the first step is the letter. "About a month before the wedding, Dino sent an anonymous letter in the mail. In the envelope was a picture of a Monte Carlo, a wedding dress, and a ketchup packet. There's a single sheet of paper, with three words:

Red on White."

Dino hadn't forgotten what Andrea had done to his beloved car and he was going to make sure that Andrea didn't forget either.

Cathy told Nancy where Andrea's dress was being made and Nancy, of course, passed the information along to Dino. This was music to Dino's ears. Dino headed to the shop, "and asked the guy if he wants to make an easy hundred bucks. All he had to do is call Andrea, and tell her that they need her to come to the shop and choose the red lace trim for her gown."

Red on White.

The tailor-made the call and, "Andrea showed up 20 minutes later, freaking out, and demanding to know what this was about. The guy said he got a call from her fiancee and ordered the red lace for the dress. Andrea knew that it wasn't the fiancee" who'd made the request. As her unease grew, Dino began to ramp up his plans.

With two weeks to go before the wedding, Dino kicked things into high gear. First, he had Nancy "slip up" and tell Cathy that Dino had a friend at the catering company that was providing the food for the wedding. Cathy, of course, told Andrea. Andrea, again, freaked out and "immediately deleted the pasta dishes and had tomatoes removed from the salads, in fear that Dino's non-existent buddy might dump a plate on her."

Red on White.

Then, "Dino had about 30 different red lipsticks sent to her house from a variety of Amazon sellers, all paid from prepaid credit cards."

Red on White.

Later, he stuck a red sharpie under the windshield wiper of her car for her to find one morning.

Red on White.

As the day approached, the psychological torment was clearly working, Andrea was losing it completely. She went as far as to have "her father call Dino at work to talk him into backing off, but when Dino explained what she had done to him, and to his car, the father became really ticked off at Andrea."

But Dino's plan WASN'T to sabotage the wedding.

Dino's plan was never to ruin the wedding for any of the guests, just for Andrea. And wow did it ever work!

"At the wedding reception, Andrea was a basket case. She demanded that all the red flowers be removed from the centerpieces on all the tables. She refused to get within 10 feet of anyone holding a red drink. She spent more time and attention looking for the ambush she was certain was coming, and Dino didn't do a darn thing. He turned her into a Bridezilla, and Nancy, who was invited, kept him updated with a running commentary as the night progressed. It was legendary."

Dino managed to get his ex-lover to completely break down at her own wedding. Her paranoia was both understandable and hilarious. If ever there were a case of Hades hath having no fury like a lover's scorn, this was it.

Dino won without ever getting violent or physical. He simply played the greatest mind game of all time.

Red on White.

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