How It All Began

Not all of us have been cheated on, but for those that have, know it’s devastating and makes us lose our faith in relationships. And sometimes cheating can so much hurt, be blame ourselves and wonder what we’ve done wrong to deserve such a thing. And that was the case for one woman. June was cheated on by her fiance, but instead of wallowing in her sorrow, she chose to get him back, and allowed for karma to do the rest.

More Than Just A Crush

It all started when she was single. June and her boyfriend of five years, broke up. So, she finally thought it was the time to “muster up the courage,” to tell an old crush how she felt. June decided to tell her Junior High crush, (let’s call him Alan) that she was into him, and has been ever since they met (seven years ago).

June had recently moved from Alaska to the Pacific Northwest, so she thought she’d just get it over with - “he’s in Alaska and I’m here, and never moving back, so I might as well let the unspoken thing be spoken, get the answer I’m sure is coming, and move on with my life.” And she was so sure that once she put herself out there, he either wouldn’t want to continue being friends, or say something along the lines of “I am not into you that way.” She was basically expecting an uncomfortable conversation, and an explanation of her awkward “behaviors” since having known him. But to her surprise, “he reciprocated [her] expression of sincere love.”

Alan and June had been friends the entire time they knew each other, but June never once said anything about her feelings for him. She would drop hints occasionally, but only told her best friend. And even though they once kissed when they were younger, neither pursued it to another level. So, when he confessed to feeling the same things for her that she did for him, it was a dream come true, or so it seemed.

Too Good To Be True

“His words to me were poetic and so full of promise, including him saying how ‘I always had a thing for you and never knew how to approach you’ and ‘I was so afraid you would reject me and I'd be humiliated.’” So, now she questioned her decision about never returning to Alaska- “I mean... never?” Never just seemed so dramatic to her at this point, and she thought if she had been more lenient with her decision on not moving back, then maybe their relationship could form. So, she decided to visit Alaska.

After the news of their relationship got around to people they knew and had been friends with, everyone was excited and said things like, “OMG YOU + ALAN! I ALWAYS HOPED YOU TWO WOULD END UP TOGETHER, YOU ARE THE PERFECT COUPLE!" And while it may have been a little much, June felt “validated,” as if everything she had hoped was true and all falling into place like she had hoped. And after a couple weeks of seeing each other, and June traveling to Alaska often, Alan asked June to marry him. She, of course, “said yes without hesitation” and began plans for moving back to Alaska to be with and share their life together. - Or at least that’s what she thought.

June packed up everything and had other things ready to be shipped home to Anchorage. She didn’t have much though, but was planning on moving in with and his roommate, Bryce, once she arrived. Then just days before her departure, June was starting to feel a little under the weather. Feeling like she couldn’t shake the sickness, and “followed by intuition,” she chose to take a pregnancy test. And it came back positive. She was pregnant! So, June, excited and “overjoyed,” she called Alan that night to tell him the good news, but that’s when the drama started.

"Don't Do Anything You'll Regret"

An elated June called Alan that evening only to be greeted by noise- Alan was having a party at his place. June spoke with Alan for a short while, stating, “I have some news I want to share with you,” but Alan interrupted her.

“But first I have to tell you about this really cool artist chick!” Instead of taking a second to listen to his so-called love tell him her huge news, Alan just had to tell June all about a girl that had came to the party. June became annoyed by how Alan described the girl, (we’ll call Kate), and said something along the lines of, “Don’t do anything you’ll regret.” Obviously preoccupied, Alan asked June to call him later to tell him the good news. But hours later when she called, Alan was still unavailable. June's perfect love story was beginning to crumble.

Just Got Worse

When June called Alan later in the evening to tell him probably the most important news of his life, someone answered for him and explained that he, “couldn’t come to the phone right now.” This sent June’s head spinning and gave her an “awful stomach-sinking feeling,” and knew something was up.

The night went on, and June never received a phone call from Alan. The next morning she called him again, but no answer. June didn’t even know what happened yet, but was already “heartbroken.” And it only got worse once they finally spoke. That evening June got the chance to speak with Alan. She told him she had some news, but so did he.

"I Have Something To Tell You"

"’I have to tell you something,’” Alan said, as June’s heart went to her stomach. Nauseous, but not from morning sickness yet, June listened to Alan confess.

Alan admitted to having cheated on June, with surprise! Kate. He had cheated on June, all while she was trying to reach him, let alone pregnant with his baby. So, she hung up on him, and just got more nauseous, and threw up - probably from shock. But he never called back- not even to find out what her news was. But later she decided to call him and give him a piece of her mind. Even though he cheated, all he could do was beg for her forgiveness and told her it was a mistake, but June didn’t want any of it. She explained she wouldn’t be moving to Anchorage now, and there was “no chance” she would marry him after what he did. June said she would only arrive to get her belongings, but that was it. And to add more devastation to her situation, she miscarried the baby later that week. Not only was her relationship ruined by someone she had loved for years, and was engaged to, she had “immense pain” of losing her first pregnancy. And if it couldn’t get any worse, she still had to fly to Anchorage to get her things. It was while she was there, looking at the face of the man who betrayed her at her lowest moment, that she began coming up with ways to get her revenge.

Confronting Him

After arriving at the airport, June realized that Alan had forgotten he'd said he would pick her up. So, now she was not only forgotten, but alone and stranded. Some people even caught her “lost girl vibes,” and asked if she were okay. June broke down. Embarrassed, June declined their help and wallowed in her sorrow until she called a cab to Alan’s place.

Once she got to Alan’s, she banged on the door repeatedly until Alan’s roommate woke up and let her in. She didn’t want to act dramatic about the situation, even though she had every right to. “There was no way I was going to let his behavior and choices besmirch my reputation,” she thought, and tried to keep her cool. But her casual demeanor was Alan’s cue to make it worse.

The Other Woman

As if Alan had forgotten all about his and June’s relationship, and that he had asked for her hand in marriage, he decided to invite Kate over so June could meet her. Bright idea, buddy- Not!

Apparently, Alan had told Kate that June was “just a friend” and never once mentioned that he was in a relationship, let alone that June had been in the process of moving back to Alaska so they could get married. “It was like I was just erased and discarded.” Every moment from when she arrived until she left, she was a wreck, “feeling so incredibly hurt that it broke my whole world.” So, it was time to break Alan’s world, too.

She Kept Her Compsure

Once June and Alan’s friends found out about what he did, no one could wrap their head around it. Why would Alan do that? Everyone, their friends and even Alan’s family, was there for June. They all sympathized with her, but June continued to maintain her cool because she didn’t want to be a “crazy ex.” She kept her mouth shut and didn’t gossip about anything so everyone could put the pieces together themselves. Even Bryce, Alan’s roommate, told June Alan was a “total a-hole,” and that he’d be just as upset if he were her.

June stayed with Bryce and Alan while she waited for her belongings to arrive, just so she could send them back before getting the heck out of there. But Alan frequently had Kate over. He didn’t care about June or her feelings, how it was affecting her, or what the repercussions would be. He just kept inviting Kate to sleep over in his room, while June stayed on the couch. But while June laid there, having to listen to Alan and Kate together, she schemed.

June was furious and wanted to hurt Alan. She didn’t just want to hurt him like she had been hurt, but worse. So, she came up with a plan that didn’t just involve Alan and her, but others as well.

The Plan

June is bi, and doesn't have a preference for either women or men. And she also knew Kate was somewhat flexible, so she devised a plan involving a party, drinking, revenge, and Kate.

So, at another party at Alan’s place, June snuck off with Kate. She got her alone for long enough to seduce her and shut the two of them in Alan’s room. There, June told Kate everything.

“With an icy and dispassionate apathy that illustrated how much Alan was dead to me I told her ‘if he cares about me enough to propose to me and then do what he did with you, after I've known him for years, just imagine what he'll do to you.’

Kate now realized and understood why June was so standoffish when first meeting her. Kate had no clue that June was more than friend of Alan’s. She didn’t know why June was there, waiting for boxes, or that her and Alan had been engaged. Suddenly, Kate “profoundly guilty and regretful, despite the fact that she didn't know any better.” Alan had tricked her, just like he did to June. Then Alan walked in his room to see June and Kate talking. Because he was pretty inebriated, he didn’t think to ask what was up until the next day.

The Aftermath

The following day, sober Alan asked June what her and Kate were doing in his room. June replied, “she was an easy floozy, and I'm not surprised you were able to get busy with her the same day you met her, I just happened to do the same thing you did." The look on Alan’s face was priceless, and implied that he had shriveled and inverted you know what into his body. He looked mortified as June sat there with her calm, cool, and collected “poker face.” Mission accomplished. And then it got better.

As time went on, June hadn’t heard from Alan, until 5 years after. June was happily married, and also found out she was pregnant (ironically that week), when Alan finally contacted her. He mentioned he’d like to catch up, so she agreed to a phone conversation. So, June and Alan spoke. And June thought she’d be able to brag about her faithful marriage and new pregnancy, but really it was Alan who divulged everything.

5 Years Of Karma

Alan said that karma took place after June left Anchorage, and while she didn’t “go crazy,” what she did “‘planted a seed that grew into something that destroyed my life.’” It was like a cancer that began and spread through his life one thing after another:

  • Kate cheated on him with his best friend, and then moved in with the dude only 2 weeks after June left.
  • He got fired from his job (on Christmas Eve no less). And apparently because of rumors about him and what he did to June.
  • His truck broke down in front of an electrical station, and because He didn't have enough money to get it out, it was impounded.- Now he definitely couldn’t get around (especially in the winter) in Alaska.
  • His family disowned him.
  • After Kate was gone, his other friends, threw another drinking party at his place. And this time around, they all got Alan on a level to beat him up and throw him out in the snow.

June found out that Alan after all their friends and family cut him out of their lives, Alan was living in Texas contemplating all the poor choices he made. And in the midst of his sorrow, June decided to kick him while he was down.

A Bottle Of Tears

Knowing the news would probably make his state worse, June chose to tell him about their baby. Alan began to cry, realizing he failed her, a “full-on ugly cry.” He couldn’t stop saying he was sorry, and even though June felt a little more temptation, she kept her cool and ended the call saying, "’It's really okay, I don't hate you.’” But she pitied him. "’Things are better for me now. I'm married, and we just found out that we are pregnant with our first child. Anyway, it's really been nice catching up with you, and finding out what happened with your life. Sorry to hear it's been difficult.’"

After everything, things were better for June. In hindsight, she admits her infatuation with him was pointless. She had “spent so much time wondering and questioning what I had done to “deserve” him doing all of that to me.’” But what she didn’t understand until then was that he didn’t do anything to her for any reason in particular, but that he was selfish and only thinking about himself, his relationships and own reputation. And “5 years after he crushed my heart, he cried enough to fill a bottle with his tears, and my satisfaction poured it over the flowers on the grave of our tiny, dead fetus.” - Karma really is brutal.

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