Kids are naturally curious beings, and even the most attentive parents can have trouble keeping track of their children at all times. If you're worried about your kids experiencing stranger danger and getting into all sorts of trouble when they're out of your sight, it's best to take extra precautions. Luckily, the KidsConnect KC2 GPS Tracker Phone can do just the trick.

Billed as a parent's "All In One Security Solution," the KidsConnect Phone can give you peace of mind when your kids are wandering by themselves. It comes with GPS/WIFI/LBS tracking, allowing you to keep an eye on your child's current location, as well as the places they've previously been to. With the SOS feature, the phone will automatically auto-dial and send a text message with your kid's location to up to three pre-selected phone numbers. It's also equipped with a GeoFencing feature that lets parents set predetermined areas, automatically notifying you when your child enters or leaves the vicinity. Plus, it even has a Voice Monitoring feature that allows you to send an SMS to the phone, which would then prompt the phone to call back without activating the screen so you can monitor your child's surroundings.

The KidsConnect KC2 GPS Tracker Phone would normally set you back $129.95, but for a limited time, you can grab it on sale for $99.95.

KidsConnect KC2 GPS Tracker Phone - $99.95

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