What better way to prepare your body for the feast you're about to indulge in than by having a glass (or two) of apple cider mimosa? Seriously, that boring red wine your grandpa always brings will have nothing on these delicious and, might we add, festive drinks. And let's be honest, no good Thanksgiving story ever started with "that one time we got really drunk off mashed potatoes." Plus, it'll kill two turkeys with one stone. You will impress everyone with your delicious contribution and a little alcohol will numb the pain of prodding relatives asking about your non-existent boyfriend.


All you need for these apple cider mimosas is a bottle of bubbly and a jug of apple cider. And the best part is, nobody will be able to tell if you bought cheap champagne due to the sugary apple cider. Pour about half a glass of apple cider and top it off with champagne (but, feel free to measure according to your own taste buds.) Mix the two together in a fancy glass and you have yourself the perfect cocktail for any family gathering. You could even add a little flare with some cinnamon around the rim or apple slices for garnish. 


Believe us, your family will love you forever when you bring this drink to the Thanksgiving party. And if they don't, well then more for you! Cheers to giving thanks and drowning yourself in mashed potatoes and gravy. For more awesome Thanksgiving ideas, check out these Thanksgiving desserts that will most definitely steal the show.

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