Pizza Waffles

I've got just two words for you. Pizza Waffles.

Wait did I really just say PIZZA WAFFLES?!?

Yep. I did. Pizza waffles. It's Pizza. It's Waffle. It's Pizza where there is waffle and it's waffle where there is pizza. It's the Pizza Waffle.

Oh boy, this could really end poorly.

What started out as a laughable idea turned into a delicious final product. I know you probably think that we have gone crazy over here at Oola, but take our word for it. These things are amazing. It's everything that you love about pizza but those delicious ingredients have taken the shape of a waffle. The best part is that they really only take about five to ten minutes to cook.

We experimented with these bad boys for a while and finally nailed down the proper technique to craft the pizza waffle. This turned out to be the perfect meal for when you are simultaneously craving pizza and feeling adventurous.

Remember when I told you that this could end really poorly earlier? Well, it didn't! It turned out freaking amazing. The biscuits were perfectly golden brown, the cheese was melted and the sauce on top was the icing on the cake.

Here are the ingredients that you will need:

2 Cans of flaky biscuits


Mozzarella Cheese, Shredded will melt easier

Basil (Optional -- but it does add a bit of color and flavor)

1 Jar Pizza Sauce

Place a biscuit on a waffle iron. Add pepperoni and mozzarella cheese and then place another biscuit on top. Once cooked, top with pasta sauce. (We learned the hard way that sauce on the inside of the waffle does not do well at all) Cook until the biscuit is golden brown.

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