19 Funny Face Masks Guaranteed To Make You LOL

"Calm Down Karen, Its Allergies" Washable Face Mask

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Sneezing in public now suddenly makes you public enemy number one. If you're a person that already cannot breathe during springtime, this is your personal hell. Quell the fears with this official announcement.

Where's my F***ing Wine Face Mask

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Pardon my French, but seriously, where is the wine?? The good news is that the curse words are pretty small, so if someone is close enough to be reading it, they violate the 6-feet rule.

"FREE HUGS... Just Kidding" Face Mask With Pocket Filter

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Let people know that you are definitely NOT a hugger, and perfectly happy socially distant.

Quarantine Snack Muzzle Face Mask

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Let's face it, extra time spent at home usually equals a bit more boredom snacking than usual. Wear this mouth barrier to remind yourself to put down the Doritos!

Radiant Smile Woman's Face Mask With Filter Pocket

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The best thing about mask-wearing is that doing your make-up has never been easier (or more unnecessary). Save your lipstick and contouring for a few more months, and look instantly glam with this mask.

Obama, Trump, Biden, or Michelle Face Mask with Filter

Top Political Pick
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No matter your political affiliation, these masks allow you to choose your favorite (or least favorite) recognizable mouthpiece. Anywhere you wear it, it's sure to be a "Yuuuge" hit.

"If You're Reading This, You're Too Close" Drake Face Mask

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Wear your love for Drake on your face, while keeping people at least 6 feet away.

I Hate This Mask Face Mask

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Face masks aren't exactly the most comfortable thing to wear. Show off your disdain, while still respecting the crowds around you, with this sassy mask.

Pizza and Kitties Face Mask

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Calling all cat ladies. Show the world the two greatest loves of your life, pizza, and cats.

Anti-Trump X Face Mask

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Make a political statement without saying anything at all. You know, if that's your thing...

It's Me [Insert Your Name Here] Custom Face Mask

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Remind people who you are under that extra layer with this custom mask. This is the perfect accessory for any restaurant server or essential worker!

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica Face Mask

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Calling all Office fans! This Dwight Schrute throwback is sure to make your fellow Netflix bingers laugh.

Lippy Face Mask

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It's easy to show off 'your' smile with this beauty.

Warning: Stay 6 Feet Back Personalized Reusable Mask

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The ideal mask to wear grocery shopping if you're wary of people infiltrating your 6-feet bubble. This mask lets everyone know you mean business, Chuck Norris-style.

Tiger King - Carole Baskins Face Mask

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Celebrate the streaming hero we all needed during the first few weeks at home with this nod to Carole f*ing Baskins.

Resting Beach Face Denim Face Mask

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Determined to get your summertime glow? This trendy denim mask is the beach addition you need this year.

Schitt's Creek "Ew, Covid!" Face Mask

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Shout out to another streaming favorite this year; this Schitt's Creek mask will make it loud and clear how you feel about the virus.

Britney Spears Face Collage Face Mask

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Seriously though, who doesn't love Britney - in every one of her stages?! Showcase the pop star throughout the years with this face collage mask.

Upload Your Face Custom Face Mask

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If none of the selections above have been quite your style, this custom mask is for you. Simply upload a photo of yourself to the order, and this will arrive looking exactly like you (or whatever expression you choose to portray).