If you're on the lookout for a soothing hobby, embroidery is an old school pastime that will serve you well! But, skeptics can rest assured that embroidery has come a long way from grandma's not so trendy patterns of the past. That's right; embroidery is cool again, taking over Pinterest and Etsy one stitch at a time, with embroidery patterns ranging from traditional to on-trend!

Beginner embroiders don't have to miss out on the fun! Check out our handy beginner's guide to embroidery then head on back here to check out our top picks of charming embroidery kits on Etsy that embroidery hobbyists will love!

Peaceful Whimsy

embroidered peace sign

This charming bestseller embroidered peace sign from ReneCreates offers embroidery enthusiasts a lovely design encapsulated with a welcoming symbol to place in their homes, reminding them to live life with peace and love while letting it be.

Your modern peaceful whimsy from ReneCretes will come with a printed embroidery pattern and a pre-printed fabric panel. You'll also receive printed instructions so you can get crafty straight away!

Floral Beginner Embroidery Kit

floral embroidery kit

This bestselling floral beginner embroidery kit offers four unique patterns for novice embroiderers to choose from prior to purchase. Those setting out to learn this trendy new skill will fall in love with the simple floral designs from FeatherCraft20. Choose popular embroidery patterns such as the custom family name with florals or a nod to Glennon Doyle's #1 New York Times Bestseller, Untamed with we can do hard things.

Your floral beginner embroidery kit from FeatherCraft20 will come with one embroidery hoop, one illustrated linen fabric, one set of embroidery cotton threads, and a stitching guide.

She Is A Beauty

feminist embroidered pattern

Not your granny's embroidery pattern, this eye-catching feminist hoop art is a best-selling embroidery design from StitchwithSkye. This beautiful design features sunflowers and a silhouette of a woman's body, which both emit warmth, happiness and positive vibes. A mighty sunflower stands tall, embracing the sunlight, a simple design symbolizing empowered women empower women.

Your feminist hoop art from StitchwithSkye will come with one six-inch wooden embroidery hoop, cotton fabric, a stitching guide, online stitching videos, embroidery threads and needle, a color paper printed version of the pattern, and fabric for practice stitches.

Luna Moth

lunar moth embroidered pattern

The luna moth is attracted to the moonlight; it symbolizes spiritual transformation, signifying rebirth, and new beginnings, an endeavor of truth through the darkness. This mystical moon luna moth design by rikrack features a golden luna moth on a stunning emerald green cloth for a vintage look inspired by antique schoolbook covers.

Your luna moth embroidery pattern from rikrack will come with pre-printed fabric, a needle, embroidery threads, and one six-inch hoop. You can find plenty of help to complete your luna moth design on rikrack.com.

Owl Moon Calendar

owl moon embroidered pattern

Calling all moon gazers! This bewitching owl moon calendar is the perfect embroidery kit for those who love to create a new moon ritual! Perched above the new moon, you'll find an owl, a symbol of magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge.

Ideal for both beginners and expert embroiders hobbyists, this bestselling owl moon calendar pattern from jennyblairkits comes with a black klona cotton fabric with a pre-printed design, a seven-inch wooden embroidery hoop, a stitching guide, illustrated guide on six embroidery stitches, embroidery threads, and needle.

Bees Embroidery Kit

bee embroidered pattern

Let everyone know that we need to give bees a chance with this charming bee embroidery pattern dotted with precious wildflowers! This bestselling bee pattern from OhSewBootiful comes with a pre-printed design, in color, onto stylish blue fabric so you can get right to embroidering!

Your bee and wildflower pattern comes with a six-inch wooden embroidery hoop, pre-printed cotton fabric, padding, a stitching guide, embroidery thread and needles, and a paper version of the pattern.

Modern Embroidery Pattern

modern embroidery pattern

Modern yet strikingly beautiful this bold woodland pattern is brimming with whimsy at every turn. You'll discover something new every time you examine this delightful print from HoffeltAndHooperCo, from rabbits, mourning doves, fox, deer, peacocks, and flowers there is so much to see and stitch!

Your modern pattern from HoffeltAndHooperCo will come with a digitally printed cotton fabric, unfinished wooden embroidery hoop, embroidery thread, needle, and instructions.

Modern Flower Embroidery

modern flower embroidery

Get nostalgic with vintage floral embroidery designs with a modern twist from Deconeer. Choose from five unique floral patterns!

Your bestselling modern flower embroidery kit from Deconeer, will come with fabric, one embroidery hoop, cotton embroidery, thread and needle, and instructions.

Hello Rainbow

rainbow embroidery

Newcomers to the relaxing world of embroidery will adore this colorful hello rainbow kit from TheEmbroideryCart! The hello rainbow kit is particularly useful for embroidery beginners as it teaches 16 basic stitches of hand embroidery every beginner should know, all in a six-inch hoop! What's even better is that you learn how to master these 16 stitches while creating an adorable piece of rainbow wall art for your home.

Your hello rainbow kit from TheEmbroideryCart comes complete with a pre-printed cotton design fabric, a six-inch hoop, a cotton backing fabric, cotton backing thread, embroidery thread and needle, and instructions.

Cactus Embroidery

cactus embroidery

Nowadays, everyone are succas for succulents! It's no wonder this cute cacti embroidery from ChloeArtCrafts is one of Etsy's bestsellers. Get your hands on this trendy garden enthusiast art piece today!

Your cactus embroidery kit from ChloeArtCrafts will include an embroidery hoop, linen fabrics, embroidery threads and needle, and stitch guides.

New York City Subway Embroidery

nyc embroidery

City dwellers will love hand stitching the city that never sleeps, with the city's subway system that never closes in this unique embroidered pattern of the NYC subway from embroideryandsage. This stylish embroidery pattern is beginner-friendly, as the design comes pre-printed on fabric, so you can quickly fit it into the hoop and begin stitching!

When you purchase a pattern from embroideryandsage, your kit will come with a six-inch bamboo embroidery hoop, a seven-inch plastic embroidery hoop, pre-printed cotton fabric, embroidery threads, and needle, felt backing, and instructions.

Cat Embroidery

cat embroidery

Although this may be a simple embroidery pattern, you'll still what to grab this kit from 55tree right meow! Let everyone know that cats rule and dogs drool, with this delightful meow cat embroidery kit.

Your cat embroidery kit from 55tree will include one plastic embroidery hoop, illustrated linen fabrics, embroidery threads and needle, a stitching guide, and instructions.

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