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Enter: The Fix

Each week, The Fix is here to provide an outlet for our editorial teams to recommend what they are loving each week, and share our water cooler talk with all of you. We will share everything from a great pair of booty jeans to a podcast that left us speechless.

**Disclaimer: This is a list that’s never* bought and paid for, just great recommendations from our tribe of writers, editors, and contributors. We will always be transparent if we are working with a brand, but rest assured that, we aren’t faking it till you buy it.

What We’re Listening To: Podcast- Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers

Do NOT be turned off if you don’t like history, this episode had my jaw on the floor. “Ashley Flowers shines a light on the darker side of the American presidency… From torrid love affairs and contemptible corruption to shocking cover-ups and even murder, she’ll expose the personal and professional controversies you may never knew existed”.

Start here: Episode 1 JFK: The Playboy

A mind-blowing episode about JFK, that will leave you never seeing him the same way again. If you are at all interested in history, or frankly, even if you aren’t this, is full of salacious gossip, politics, and will make you re-think everything you have ever learned about our presidents. ––OOLA Editor Ellen

What We’re Watching: Ratched on Netflix

I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this new series inspired by the novel-turned-play, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Even if you’re familiar with the story, however, this show about Nurse Mildred Ratched keeps the curveballs coming. Ratched lives up to the term “psychological thriller” in every sense of the term and will have you questioning what you believed about each character throughout the entire season. ––OOLA Editor Allison

What We're Making: Easy Blueberry Pancake Recipe

It is SO easy to just grab pancake mix and hit the griddle, but, this past weekend, we were out and my kids demanded pancakes. Turns out I regularly have on hand all the ingredients necessary to make them from scratch. This easy blueberry pancake recipe we published this spring came to the rescue and was as easy as the title suggests. ––OOLA Editor Ellen

The Sale We Are Shopping: Madewell 40% Off Fall Faves

I hate hearing about sales once it’s too late, so don’t be like me and hop on the Madewell 40% off fall faves. I stocked up on fall basics and scored a great deal on this Puff Sleeve Mini Dress. ––OOLA Editor Nicole

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