Regardless of the season, leggings are a comfortable wardrobe staple, no matter your personal style. The only problem—our favorite year-round leggings don’t always stand up to cold temps or severe weather.

Enter the Carhartt Force® Utility Knit Legging. A mainstay for hard-working men and women, we know Carhartt as a durable brand whose products not just survive, but thrive in rugged conditions. My brother drives heavy machinery for a living, and it’s the only brand he wears and has sworn by for years.

So, as soon as the temps started dropping, I headed over to Carhartt’s website to stock up on clothes for the family as the winter season approaches. Since many indoor activities won’t be available to us this year, now more than ever, getting outside will be critical to keeping our sanity.

Why Not Invest in the Best?

While I was browsing the coats and sweatshirts (and this seriously sexy bomber jacket I just had to have), I noticed the Utility Knit Leggings, which had over 400 four-star reviews. Not only are they sweat-wicking and don’t trap odors, but they have pockets —pockets(!). I ordered a pair for an upcoming hiking trip and eagerly awaited their arrival.

Love at First Delivery

via Carhartt

When the package showed up on the front porch it was love at first sight. I could tell the quality before I tried them on and the fit was a winner. Even though I am not very tall, my legs are longer than my torso, and the length was perfect. The fabric is 95% nylon and 5% spandex, which means they are the right amount of flexibility, while still being tough. No see-through leggings here!

How My Carharrt Leggings Performed In the Wild

woman wearing Carhartt leggings pushing open barn door

On my first wear, it was a chilly, misty, and pretty windy day. Carhartt’s Utility Knit Leggings are thicker than any of the ones I already owned. They proved to provide the perfect extra coverage needed to keep me warm while running errands. Additionally, the knees are reinforced and the FastDry® material wicks sweat. Therefore, I'm looking forward to wearing these during outdoor workouts for as long as I can this winter. Designed to prevent the “gap in the back” or as we lovingly call it, “plumber’s crack,” the waistband has a medium to medium-high rise. Fitted through the hips and thigh, these leggings slim in all the right places.

Extra-Small, Tall, and Plus Sizes

I bought them in black, but they also come in dark coffee, ink green, and black heather. As for sizing, the inclusiveness of sizes makes me happy to invest in pieces (and companies) that are for all bodies, shapes, and sizes. These leggings are the functional, stylish piece you need this winter for everything from hiking, to running errands or even working on a pig farm. (Fun fact, according to the product details, the inspiration for creating these came after a visit to a pig farm.)

The second test for the leggings was the aforementioned hiking trip. Even though I was already smitten with them, I wanted to see how they stood up to prolonged hours outdoors, and how comfortable they were to wear while traversing a mountain. Not only did they keep me warm, but they were also comfortable for wearing for seven hours straight, and didn’t hinder my mobility.

Bottom Line

via Carhartt Twitter

If you are looking for some of the best cold-weather leggings or need a thick pair for hiking or outdoor activities, look no further than the Carhartt Force® Utility Knit Leggings. Check out our Winter Gear Gift Guide to stock up on more winter-wear for the whole fam!

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