Stressing over holiday weight gain? You're not alone. As the holidays inch closer and closer, the more concerning the stalled number on the scale becomes. Still harboring extra pounds from last year's new year resolution doesn't feel merry and bright. Avoid the ho ho-oh nos, and combat this year's unwanted holiday weight gain with BOOMBOD.

After my first child, I always struggled to lose the baby weight. No matter what I tried, I seemed to fail. And, unfortunately for me, 2020 felt like I gave birth to a second child. I’ve been in the trenches of remote learning while working from home, which has resulted in an endless need for comfort food to deal with this dumpster fire of a year. I knew I needed something to end this ruthless cycle and quick! During the "national indulging season," I needed to slim down and stay on track when sweets and holiday treats abound.

Choosing BOOMBOD to Slim Down

boombod user results before and after weight loss

I began my journey with BOOMBOD after a few months of not achieving the results I had hoped for through diet and exercise. I knew I needed a weight loss aid to keep me motivated and see results quicker.

I wanted to choose a weight loss aid that was the best and a weight loss supplement that could jumpstart my weight loss journey and be safe and reliable. I turned to BOOMBOD’s 7 Day Achiever.

After doing more research, I was impressed that BOOMBOD's weight loss product contains a natural fiber called glucomannan, the only active ingredient that has been recognized by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in relation to weight loss!

I didn't want to take any chances with my weight loss by gambling with other products on the market. I choose BOOMBOD as a trustworthy partner in my weight loss journey and to minimize any holiday weight gain.

My weight loss journey began with the BOOMBOD 7-Day Challenge, which included three sachets to be taken throughout the day before meals:

One of the best things about this program was how simple it was to incorporate into my busy work-at-home mom schedule. Within a week, I could feel and see a difference, my tummy was flatter, and my clothes were definitely looser. I felt more energized throughout the day, focused on my work, and steered clear of snacking and over-indulging. As I felt more energized, I put in more exercise rather than chill on the couch. Not only did BOOMBOD suppress my appetite, but it made me feel more vibrant and healthy.

Kicking My Weight Loss Into Overdrive!

Seven Sachets Night Rejuvenator (Biotin, Selenium, and Copper)

Seven Sachets Afternoon Motivator (Vitamin B12, B6, and B2)

Seven Sachets Morning Energizer (Vitamin C, Iron, and Zinc) a special blend

BOOMBOD 7 day achiever weight loss drink

After finishing my first 7 Day Achiever program, I could feel and see a difference, my tummy was flatter, and my clothes were definitely looser. With the 7 Day Achiever, I noticeably lost weight and was excited to continue with my weight loss goals.

If you want to make the most out of your BOOMBOD weight loss program, they offer several supplements. These can help you improve your results further. BOOMBOD's supplement lines also include products that will help boost your overall health.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

BOOMBOD Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

These vegan-friendly gummies harness the power of apple cider vinegar to help reduce your appetite, provide a boost to your digestive system, and support your weight loss efforts. In addition to the natural benefits provided by the apple cider vinegar, BOOMBOD's Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are packed with vitamins B12 and B6. BOOMBOD offers these delicious gummies in either a single bottle or a value pack of three or five bottles.

Digestive Enzyme Supplement

BOOMBOD Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Give your digestive system the power it needs to stay working in peak condition. BOOMBOD’s unique blend of enzymes and probiotics helps improve your digestive system by reducing gas and bloating, and improving how your body breaks down the food you eat. It's available in either a 30-day or 60-day supply. You can't eat like a saint all the time, so be sure to give your digestive system the tools it needs to power through that celebratory ice cream sundae.



If you're looking for a standard multi-vitamin without specific performance goals such as a digestive or mental boost, the standard multi-vitamin blend release by BOOMBOD is an excellent choice. In addition to over 20 different vitamins and minerals, the BOOMBOD Multi-Vitamin Supplement features antioxidant and energy blends to boost your immune system and get you through the most challenging case of the Mondays.

Targeted Supplements


BOOMBOD offers several other supplements to target specific benefits you may be searching for. Each vitamin blend is specially designed to boost one of three areas; hair, skin, and nails, mental performance, and relaxation.

The hair, skin, and nails blend feature beauty-boosting essentials such as collagen and keratin. Use this powerful blend to increase the strength and shine in your hair, stronger nails, and more vibrant skin. It will also help your skin retain more moisture.

Look to the Mental Performance Supplement when you need your brain to work at full capacity. This amazing vitamin supplement is loaded with mental support like riboflavin and niacin. BOOMBOD takes its supplement to the next level with natural extracts from bacopa and ginkgo leaf. The BOOMBOD Mental Performance Supplement is there to help you boost memory, concentration and help improve your overall mood.

The final supplement in BOOMBOD's impressive lineup is there to help you stay calm and feel relaxed. In today's dramatic world, you need every advantage you can get. Sometimes that includes making sure you're in the right place mentally. Enter the BOOMBOD Calm & Relaxation supplement. This powerful blend is there to help you soothe stiffness and relieve stress, thanks to a robust mix of passionflower extracts, L-Theanine, and Tryptophan.


BOOMBOD Back on Track Bundle

Can't choose which BOOMBOD supplement or BOOMBOD product to add to your daily weight loss and health routine? BOOMBOD offers several bundles with your weight loss journey in mind. Choose from the following BOOMBOD bundles to help you smash it when it comes to your weight loss goals!

Back on Track Bundle

Get back on the wagon with BOOMBOD's popular Back on Track bundle. BOOMBOD Back on Track includes two rounds of 7 Day Achiever, their most popular supplements, apple cider gummies, and multivitamins. Plus they throw in a gym towel to help you stay dry when you break a sweat and a shaker bottle, aptly called the Boomboddle.

28 Day Achiever Variety Bundle

Continue your weight loss success with the 28-day Achiever Variety Bundle with a free Boomboddle!

Starter Kit Bundle

Get your feet wet with the BOOMBOD Starter Kit Bundle, which comes complete with the 7 Day Achiever, a Boomboddle, and apple cider vinegar gummies, plus a seven-day workout and meal plan!

Mega Bundle

BOOMBOD's Mega Bundle is for mega goals! It comes complete with a 30-day supply of each best-selling BOOMBOD supplement, along with two boxes of BOOMBOD 7 Day Achiever in yummy blackcurrant and black cherry.

Supplement Bundle

The BOOMBOD Supplement Bundle includes a 30-day supply of each best-selling BOOMBOD supplement.

When you don't give your body all the tools it needs, it can negatively affect your life. Take advantage of BOOMBOD's great dietary and vitamin supplements today to help you achieve maximum mental and physical health and get back on track!

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