It's no secret that the holiday season this year is looking a lot different for many of us. For those who are out shopping and traveling this Christmas, extra steps are necessary to stay safe. Who else has a purse overflowing with travel-size hand sanitizer, antimicrobial spray, disinfectant wipes, and extra masks?

The CDC recommendations this holiday season include social distancing, wearing a face-covering when out and about, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and regularly washing your hands and using hand sanitizer. They also recommend a supply of extra masks and sanitizer when traveling to your destination.

With all of that in mind, there is a new product on the market that just might be your secret weapon during the holidays–Avenova and its key ingredient: Hypochlorous acid (aka HOCl). WTF is HOCl? Well, it’s something that our body produces naturally to fight off toxins, so you’re gonna want to stock up on it! Let’s explore further.

What is HOCl?

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Momentarily allow us to bore you with science before explaining the variety of reasons HOCl is important. HOCl is a weak acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water, and itself partially dissociates, forming hypochlorite (ClO?). HClO and ClO? are oxidizers. In plain English, it’s what makes a chlorine solution disinfectant. Effective against a broad range of microorganisms, HOCl has been shown to inactivate a variety of viruses including in less than 1 minute.

What Is Avenova?

Antimicrobial Avenova Direct 20ml Spray Solution Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)

Avenova is the ONLY lab-tested, truly pure Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) that is patented and FDA cleared. Avenova is antimicrobial and uses pure 0.01% HOCL, which your body naturally produces to fight off toxins and inflammation caused by bacteria.

Previously available by prescription only, Avenova kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and is clinically proven to help relieve chronic eye conditions like dry eye, blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction, contact lens intolerance, and inflammation.

How Does Avenova Work?

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Avenova is an antimicrobial spray that can be used as a facial mist—sprayed directly on your skin (eyes, nose, outside of your mouth) to kill the live virus. It is safe on children and can be sprayed any number of times, at any point after coming into contact.

Avenova is packaged in a glass bottle to prevent plastic leaching and contains no harmful impurities such as bleach, detergents, or other surfactants. With no stinging or irritation, it is non-toxic and non-sensitizing, making it completely safe for regular use.

Simply spray directly on your closed eyelids or spray onto a cotton round (or NovaWipes) and wipe eyelids. For best results, it is recommended to use twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.

Where Can You Find Avenova?

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There are three buying options available with Avenova. The quickest and easiest way to purchase a 20 ml bottle of Avenova is online on The cost is $29.99, shipping is free, and the product is made in the USA. Avenova is an OTC product, but it's not currently available on the shelf at your local pharmacy.

The second option is to get a prescription from your eye doctor to purchase 40ml Avenova Rx at a pharmacy. The company has a network of pharmacies that will guarantee that you pay the lowest out of pocket cost for Avenova and also provides free delivery.

The third option is through your eye doctor. Some doctors choose to dispense a 20ml Avenova directly out of their practice. If available at your doctor’s office, you can purchase and take it home that day.

Avenova has been prescribed and trusted by top eye care professionals for years, making it the number one prescribed Hypochlorous Acid product for eyelid and eyelash cleansing.

Are There Any Side Effects?

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According to the Avenova website, there are no known side effects associated with using HOCl. It's completely safe and won't harm your eyes. While not intended for use directly in the eye, Avenova does not sting or burn if it comes in contact with your eyes and it is nontoxic.

Avenova is an FDA-cleared (510k) Medical Device that is safe for long-term use as an eyelid and lash cleanser for chronic indications like dry eye and blepharitis.

Can You Wear Makeup and Use Avenova?

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Yes. Avenova may be used before applying and after the removal of makeup as your eyelid cleanser. For maximum efficacy, wash all dirt, debris, and lotion from the skin around your eyes prior to use.

How is Avenova Different From Other HOCL Products?

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Avenova is made through NovaBay’s proprietary, patented manufacturing process to produce the purest HOCl without bleach impurities. All other HOCl products contain bleach impurities which are cytotoxic and can cause ocular sensitivity.

Avenova contains the purest, longest-lasting formulation that maintains its concentration and efficacy for a full 28 days.

Others may claim a 0.01% hypochlorous acid, but inferior formulation and packaging can result in an ineffective solution. Packaging may also contain harmful impurities such as bleach, plastic leachables, and detergents.

Lab tests against three of Avenova’s competitors show just how important proper packaging and formulation is. Competitor A and Competitor B lost more than 50 percent of concentration after just one week of use. Competitor C had a concentration that was only 63% of the label claim when first opened and tested.

Avenova Reviews

Avenova is FSA and HSA eligible

One happy customer wrote that "Avenova is undoubtedly the best lid and lash product on the market." They explained that they had tried a number of other similar products, and Avenova is, hands down, the best.

"It’s gentle on the eyes and feels great. Most importantly, it’s the only thing keeping me wearing my contacts for a full day."

Another satisfied Avenova customer wrote that their eyes were happy for the first time in years.

"I suffered with dry eyes and blepharitis for years and have tried every product on the market. Avenova is the only product that helps," wrote the customer. "Don't waste your money on all these other products like I have done. I highly recommend it to everyone with eye issues, it works."

Not only is Avenova a solution for those who have chronic eye issues, but it's also a secret weapon for the holidays this year. Avenova is FSA and HSA eligible—you can spend unused dollars on the gift of healthy eyes. Stay safe this holiday season, and give Avenova a try.

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