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Let's get real; 2020 wasn't our year. Late-night shopping and snacking were some of our favorite creature comforts. It was all fun and games until our partners started confronting us about our exclusive relationship with the delivery person. (Oops! Did I buy that?)

The happy compromise was finding the best deals and discounts available online to ease the burden on our wallets. Turns out, when it comes to finding discounts on purchases, Capital One Shopping is a life-saver. This long-term savings solution is a free and easy way to help you save money when shopping online.

What is Capital One Shopping?

Capital One Shopping Amazon comparison

It's no secret that this year has turbocharged online shopping trends. Online shopping has always been popular for its one-click convenience (not to mention the convenience of shopping in pajamas), and the ability to price match in real-time. Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension that helps you find the best deal available by automatically applying discount codes to your cart. In the months since I’ve downloaded the extension, it’s been an excellent way to save money, and time while shopping online.

Racking up the Savings and the Free Time

Finding ways to save money towards online purchases isn’t always easy, and can be a tedious process. If you have unlimited patience, you can search endlessly for coupon codes and apply them to see if they work. In my experience, most of the time they don't, so you start the process all over again. After a while, it seems like almost too much work for what you end up saving in the end. Who has time for that? Thanks to Capital One Shopping, there's finally an easier way.

I got serious about saving money online when I added the Capital One Shopping extension to my browser in mid-November before the holiday rush. That's when the real savings began! Capital One Shopping has saved me over $100 so far!

Why Choose Capital One Shopping?

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In my opinion, Capital One Shopping is the best browser extension for shopping online, period. This lightweight browser extension is a heavy hitter that helps save you money in three ways:

Best Available Online Coupons and Promos

First of all, I don't know about you, but going from website to website looking for discount codes that actually work gets on my last nerve. Capital One Shopping takes the aggravating task of finding discounts off your plate. The handy extension automatically scours the internet for coupons and promo codes to apply to your shopping cart.

Compares Prices Across Multiple Retailers

Next, Capital One Shopping compares prices at numerous retailers so you don’t have to a finger. Whilst on the hunt for my child's big Christmas gift on Amazon, the Barbie dream house, Capital One Shopping found a considerably lower price at another retailer, which ultimately saved me a whopping $33.99 off the original price. Now that's a Christmas miracle!

If I hadn’t been ready to put a down payment down on that dream house, Capital One Shopping offers an additional option of placing it on a Watchlist. Capital One Shopping will alert you about a better deal.

Impressive Shopping Credits

Lastly, shopping with the extension earns Capital One Shopping Credits, which are exchangeable for gift cards. That makes Capital One Shopping an all-in-one replacement for any other online savings tools you may currently use.

A Browser Extension + Mobile App

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Everyone is welcome to save big with Capital One Shopping; even if you aren’t a cardmember. Capital One may not be in my wallet just yet, but I didn't let that stop me from adding the free browser extension to Chrome. (PS, it’s also available on Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.) There is also a Capital One Shopping app available for either iOS or Android so you can save on the go. Getting started with the Capital One Shopping extension couldn't have been easier, and I look forward to using this when the world is less virtual and more in-person.

No More Deal FOMO

Stress-free online shopping starts with Capital One Shopping. The extension searches thousands of merchants to help you snag incredible deals at jaw-dropping prices. It scours the web for the best available coupon code across tens of thousands of retailer sites and instantly applies available coupon codes to your cart at checkout. That means no heavy lifting—it's shopping in your pajamas, after all!

Capital One Shopping finds bargains by comparing prices while you shop on Amazon, Target, and more. A friendly little pop-up window alerts you when a better deal is available. This helped me shop with confidence, by knowing if there was a better price and not slowing down my shopping experience or bombarding me with cumbersome ads that take up the entire screen. The best feeling is seeing the Capital One Shopping message pop up and watching my total be slashed to a lower price.

My savings in the past month have made me wonder why I didn't add the Capital One Shopping extension sooner! In addition, I've also earned some Capital One Shopping Credits. The best part? I can keep using Capital One Shopping to save money with coupon codes and stretch my gift cards even further!

How Do Capital One Shopping Credits Work?

Just another added bonus of Capital One Shopping, earn Capital One Shopping Credits on purchases when you shop at popular sites, then redeem those Credits for gift cards. I may use mine to spend a little moolah on myself for a change!

Final Thoughts

Spending your precious time scouring the internet looking for ancient coupon codes that don't work is a major downer. Get with the times! Value your time and money by adding the free Capital One Shopping extension to your browser so you can start buying with confidence.

Capital One Shopping has helped millions of customers find $160 million in savings over the past year alone! What will you do with the money you save using Capital One Shopping?

With 2021 on the horizon, making better money choices is one of my New Year’s goals. Now I can look forward to keeping my resolution, and say bye-bye to online coupon websites forever! Are you ready to save the right way? Download the Capital One Shopping browser extension and start saving today!

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