Those of us living with chronic eye irritation know all too well how disrupting eye discomfort can be. Pain and discomfort can stop anyone in their tracks or make wearing contacts near impossible. Millions of eye care patients seek relief every year for chronic eye conditions such as dry eye, Blepharitis, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MDS), and pesky contact lens intolerance.

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for chronic eye sufferers to revisit their optometrists and ophthalmologists for treatment, hoping for a quick remedy, only to be met with discouraging short-term relief.

Hope for those persistent complaints of red, sore, achy eyes does exist. Yet, you won't find it in just any old over-the-counter eye care solution. Instead, you'll find it from Avenova. Previously available by prescription only, Avenova is now the newest kid on the OTC eye-care block.

What is Avenova?

Avenova spray

Clinically proven to relieve symptoms of chronic eye conditions, FDA approved Avenova spray is the only commercially available pure hypochlorous acid formulation currently on the market.

Avenova was rated as the #1 doctor recommended eyelash and lid cleanser for its ability to be the safest and most effective eye care product in treating bacterial infections while remaining free of bleach impurities found in other hypochlorous goods.

How Does Avenova Work?

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Avenova works by using the active ingredient Neutrox, a form of hypochlorous acid, or HOCl. A human white blood cell product, hypochlorous acid is a chemical that is responsible for killing harmful germs that can cause viruses and produce dangerous bacteria.

An effective eye care solution for long-term use, Avenova is soothing and gentle to the eye. Avenova's patented formula uses hypochlorous acid. The term_acid _may seem alarming for some, prompting concern on whether or not hypochlorous acid is safe for eyes. We assure you that hypochlorous acid couldn't be safer. The human body naturally produces hypochlorous acid as part of its natural defense. Avenova simply provides a supercharged boost, jam-packed with continuous relief against the most common persistent complaints of eye problems and discomfort.

What is Avenova Used For?

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Avenova has been successfully used to treat chronic eye conditions such as dry eye, Blepharitis, and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MDS), which can cause symptoms of dry, itchy, red, or swollen eyelids.

Among Avenova's constellation of beneficial uses is one of its most notable and effective treatments, battling contact intolerance. Avenova spray provides continuous relief for bothersome contacts so contact wearers can say "sayonara" to useless dry-eye and re-wetting drops.

Avenova: The New Way to Treat Contact Lens Intolerance

contact on finger

If you're guilty of leaving your contacts in longer than you should, pushing your daily disposables or extended-wear lenses to the limit, you're not alone! With ever-growing busy schedules, it seems like more and more patients are struggling to keep up with proper contact lens hygiene. Instead of battling with never-ending poor compliance, Avenova offers a solution to aid in healthier contact lens wear. Avenova's pure form of 0.01% hypochlorous acid gently removes toxins from the eye.

Avenova helps your contacts work better for you, attacking the bacteria overpopulation that may accumulate on contact lenses over time. Avenova improves contact intolerance and drastically improves eye health by removing debris, viruses, and other bacteria that can lead to serious complications such as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

Is Avenova Better Than Eye Drops?

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Before you reach for your trusty old brand of dry eye drops, question whether or not they are addressing the root cause of your eye dryness and not just providing temporary relief.

Unlike ordinary eye drop solution, Avenova eye spray cleans the eyelashes and lids. Most harmful bacteria responsible for painful and debilitating chronic eye conditions such as Dry Eye Disease (DED) and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction lurk in this vicinity.

Avenova is the only lid and lash solution that is FDA cleared for safe, long-term use without the use of bleach or other harmful impurities. Avenova is proven to provide the following:

  • Kill harmful viruses and bacteria. Avenova even submitted information to the EPA regarding its effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 on hard surfaces.
  • Kill harmful bacteria responsible for dry eye.
  • Drastically diminish and control bothersome dry eye symptoms.
  • Manage irritating stye and red-eye symptoms.
  • Soothe symptoms of chronic eye conditions such as MGD or Blepharitis.

Put down eye drops and choose Avenova. Continually needing to be applied throughout the day, eye drops will only provide you with temporary relief, without ever killing bacteria. Choose an eye care solution that will start working for your eye health. Choose Avenova!

How Do You Apply Avenova?

cotton ball in glass jar next to plant

Although not applied directly to your eye like an eye drop, using Avenova is just as simple. To apply Avenova, wash your hands and the area around both your eyes. Next, the Avenova solution is sprayed into a cotton ball or onto NovaWipes and then gently wiped on both the eyelid and eyelashes approximately three times. There is no need to wash Avenova off after application. For best results, use Avenova twice a day.

How Much Does Avenova Cost?

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At only $29.99 with free shipping included, those who have tried everything to relieve troublesome eye symptoms will find that Antimicrobial Avenova Direct 20ml Spray Solution is shockingly affordable. Made in the USA, Avenova Antimicrobial Eyelid and Lash Cleanser can be purchased directly from

Final Thoughts

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Avenova reviews speak for themselves. Folks are calling Avenova "_The best lid and lash product on the market!" _declaring that their eyes are happy for the first time in years. Customers beg others not to make the same mistake they have in the past, choosing useless products over the years. Join happy customers now in purchasing Avenova. Enjoy wearing contacts lens comfortably, all day long as they were meant to be. Have happy, healthy eyes, and return to life, sight uninterrupted with Avenova.

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