Ditching your daily shampoo and conditioner routine sounds crazy, right? It might feel similar to someone telling you to stop using deodorant or stop brushing your teeth. (Please don’t do those things.) We’ve been so conditioned to use these hair care products that anything else seems odd, weird, and even gross. But what did we do before we bought shampoo and conditioner from our local hairdressers, drugstores, or online?

Does This Wig Make My Face Look Victorian?

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Using lye soap or eggs, embracing the grease, and wearing wigs were all common practices of the past. Cultures from around the world also used herbs and extracts to cleanse and mask odorous hair. Shampoo, as we know it today, was introduced in the 1930s, and not too much has changed in the past century.

Change is Good

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So why change our routine now? Turns out, shampoo is actually not great for your hair. Cleaning agents like sulfates and hexachlorophene, preservatives such as parabens, and chemicals like phthalates not only cause damage to the hair but could be a risk to your overall health. Phthalates in particular may cause problems with your kidneys, liver, immune system, and thyroid.

Recently, there has been a shift to more natural hair care products, but even then these may leave you dissatisfied. Natural shampoo and conditioner can strip your hair of its natural oils and may mess with your hair’s pH balance, leaving your locks limp, flat, and ultimately still greasy. So what’s the answer? Let’s explore the pros and cons of the no 'poo trend and look into Hairstory’s New Wash products. From the team who brought us Bumble and Bumble, Hairstory holds the secret to silky strands.

Is No-Poo Good For Your Hair?

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During quarantine, trends like Dalgona coffee, TikTok dances, and bread baking took up an excessive amount of our time. Another trend that popped back up, likely due to pandemic hair, was the no 'poo trend. For the uninitiated, no 'poo means ditching shampoo and conditioner and either cleansing hair with a baking soda mixture, rinsing with an apple cider vinegar solution, or just “cleaning” with plain ol’ water. Reviews for no 'poo are mixed. Some bloggers and celebrities maintain that getting rid of traditional shampoo and conditioner will restore your hair’s luster, increase volume, and help improve the environment by decreasing plastic waste. Even Adele is a proponent of the no ‘poo trend.

Critics of no ‘poo, however, claim that using baking soda on your hair regularly can cause breakage and irreparable damage. Additionally, apple cider vinegar is caustic and may cause burns to your scalp or skin. Keeping apple cider vinegar out of your eyes is vital. Dilute ACV with a carrier oil for best results. Otherwise, pure apple cider vinegar can degrade your hair.

Thinner hair that tends to be greasier may not take well to the no ‘poo method. Those who sport thick, curly, and dry manes tend to have better results (at least, initially) with this method. No ‘poo seems to have a few more cons than pros, so what’s the rest of the (Hair)story?

How to Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo

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Hairstory has a brand new way to cleanse your tresses. Taking out the sudsy middle-man, New Wash is the solution to all your hair needs. New Wash is the only product you’ll need to have soft, shiny, healthier-looking hair, no conditioner needed. It may seem expensive, but less product is needed and you’ll have no need for conditioner, so you might even come out ahead.

New Wash leaves your hair moisturized, but removes all the bad stuff. Cleaning away excess oil, dirt, and product, New Wash breaks the traditional shampoo, condition, "rinse and repeat" cycle. New Wash is great for all hair types because it doesn’t rely on gimmicks. It cleans and detangles your hair, leaving it soft and manageable. Hairstory’s scalp brush will distribute the product into your hair while giving you a relaxing scalp massage. It also promotes hair growth, removes impurities, and protects your scalp!

Refill Club

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Lessen your carbon footprint by subscribing to the Hairstory refill club and start getting perks ASAP. Hairstory sends a refillable shower bottle, travel bottle, or jar. All you have to do is choose how often to replenish. With free shipping and environmentally conscious packaging, you can feel good about your new shower routine. According to Hairstory, “when you stop using shampoo and conditioner and switch to refillable pouches you will use 91% less plastic and 82% less CO2.”

Hairstory is aware of the limitations on the recyclability of some of its products and is working to change its packaging. By the end of 2021, Hairstory plans to use recyclable material for their pouches, phase out bottles and boxes, and have refillable options for all products. As it stands currently, three pouches of New Wash contain about the same amount of plastic as one and a half bottles of shampoo or conditioner.


Hairstory is so dedicated to being transparent that it lists all of the ingredients on its website. Even ingredients that are so minute that they normally wouldn’t be included on the ingredient list are right there for everyone to see. Hover over the ingredients to find the Environmental Working Group (EWG) toxicity rating. With essential oils like rose, ylang-ylang, and clove, your hair will smell great and look even better.

Styling Product and Starter Kits

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Starter kits make a great gift and are an awesome introduction to the world of no-shampoo. Depending on the kit, you’ll receive a pouch of New Wash, a scalp brush, and either Powder dry shampoo, Hair Balm, or Wax.

Hairstory’s Dressed Up Hair Protector protects hair from split ends and damage from heat styling tools, while the Undressed Texturizing Spray creates a beachy wave, sans buildup or salt.

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