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Many of us have changed up our shopping habits in recent years. We are buying more and more everyday items from online retailers as opposed to visiting brick-and-mortar stores. One-click ordering, same-day delivery, easy returns, and various price points that fit your budget have made online shopping an irresistible option. But how can you be sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck?

Shopping online is a dream come true for the 1990s teenager I once was. It's the modern-day version of walking into the biggest mall in the world. But it's impossible to visit every single store to know for sure that you are getting a good deal and paying the lowest price possible for whatever item you are looking for.

There is, however, a tool that will tell you the prices available at top retailers so you can avoid overpaying online—Capital One Shopping.

What is Capital One Shopping?

Capital One Shopping saves you money on home goods and decor

Capital One Shopping is a free tool that can help you save time and money while shopping online. When you add this extension to your browser, it will instantly check for coupons, better prices, and rewards. And, you don't have to be a Capital One customer to use it.

With just one click, the extension applies available codes at checkout across thousands of retailers like Amazon, Target, Home Depot, and Best Buy. This means that you don't have to waste your time searching for coupon codes and testing them out. The work has already been done for you.

Capital One Shopping uses intel in real-time from the 3,000,000+ Capital One Shoppers that have installed the browser extension. All you have to do is shop normally, and the extension will help you make better buying decisions by finding a better price or a working coupon code.

Last year, Capital One Shopping found customers more than $160 million in savings when purchasing items they were already looking for. This browser doesn't upsell you or try to get you to buy things you don't need. Instead, it simply saves you money on items you were already planning on purchasing.

How Does Capital One Shopping Work?

Capital One Shopping saves you money on electronics and home office items

After you install Capital One Shopping on your desktop browser, you must enroll in the program by creating your own personal account. Then you can start saving money in three different ways. First, when it's time to checkout, the extension will search for coupons and promo codes. If it finds a working coupon or code, the tool will automatically apply it at checkout to get you a lower price.

Second, it will compare prices at various retailers to make sure there isn't a lower price available on another site. This includes shipping fees that you don't see until checkout, as well as membership pricing. If it finds you a better price, Capital One Shopping will show you the price difference. And, it will also provide you with a direct link to the other retailer. This way, you can quickly and confidently take the better deal without any hassle.

When coupon codes and lower prices aren't available, you can still save money with Capital One Shopping. The third way to save with this tool is by earning shopping credits that you can redeem for gift cards. When you shop at popular sites, you earn credits for gift cards from a variety of top retailers like Walmart or eBay. Even with the discounts, you are still getting more from every dollar spent when you use Capital One Shopping.

Stop Overpaying Online With Capital One Shopping's Universal Product Search

Capital One Shopping saves you money on pet food and products

Before you go to checkout to get your savings with Capital One Shopping, you can use their Universal Product Search feature to find the best price for a specific item you are looking for.

This feature allows you to search for a specific product across a number of stores, like Amazon and Walmart, by scanning the barcode or typing in the product name. Then, it will compare the product prices plus delivery and shipping costs across top retail sites.

The Universal Product Search feature finds prices by searching the web and using the info that other Capital One Shopping users have shared. When someone finds a lower price on a product, the extension will automatically share this info with other users. This detail is what makes the extension improve over time while always finding you the best price.

The product search engine results page does share more than price info, it also includes:

  • Offers from other sellers including tax and shipping charges
  • A chart showing the price history of the item from the past 30 up to the past 365 days
  • 30-day insights, including current savings; Amazon’s price; the average, best and highest price; and price volatility as a percentage.
  • The top alternatives (similar products to the one you’re watching)
  • YouTube reviews
  • Professional reviews
  • Related products

If you aren't ready to buy right away, you can use the Universal Product Search tool to save an item to your Watch List. When you see the price fall to the price point you are looking for, you can easily buy it and get that great deal.

You can also use this feature in brick-and-mortar stores by installing the Capital One Shopping app on your phone. Simply scan the barcode of an item to find the best price online.

Capital One Shopping Makes Shopping on Amazon Even Better

Capital One Shopping saves you money when shopping online

If you enjoy shopping on Amazon, Capital One Shopping can make that experience even better. The extension has an Amazon Comparison Tool that will check other sellers and search for available coupons in the background while you are reading a specific product listing.

If it finds you a better price on an item you are looking at, you'll receive a pop-up notification in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

This notification will give you the following information:

  • The final price
  • Shipping details
  • Tax breakdown
  • Delivery date

Capital One Shopping Saves You Money

Money flying out of laptop while couple using it on color background

Capital One Shopping saves money by automatically applying coupon codes, searching for better prices, and earning you points for gift cards.

Saving money is a lot of fun. But digging around the internet for the best deal can be a drag, not to mention time-consuming. Luckily, all you need to do is install Capital One Shopping and it will start working right away. The only other thing you'll need to do is enjoy the savings.

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