"Butt leggings" are taking the world by storm. Also known as "butt scrunch leggings," these babies are cinched to make booties look more spacious and textured so cellulite doesn't show. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, Amazon retailers including Seasum, Skyfoxe, Aimilia, and Yofit all carry the latest craze. 

Officially called “Honeycomb High Waist Gym Leggings," they started trending on where else but our cultural barometer, TikTok. It became popular for women to don the sexy looking leggings and film their partner's (grateful) reactions. The hashtag #buttleggings now has nearly three million views. 

Stephen Colbert added fuel to the fire when he featured them on his segment, Quarantinewhile. Lizzo, who needs no help in the tush department, also sported them in a recent TikTok video.

Leggings have been en vogue ever since Lycra (aka spandex) was invented (bless you, DuPont scientist Joseph C. Shivers). When it comes to around-the-house or running errands pants, leggings are right up there with yoga pants. Just when we thought stretchy pants with elastic waistbands could not be improved upon, there go leggings innovators reinventing the wheel. Now instead of accentuating pancake ass, "butt leggings" can make your booty look better. 

I ordered this pair this morning. Purple + tie-dye + booty help? I couldn’t resist adding to my cart and immediately checking out. Find your perfect pair of anti-cellulite butt leggings today!

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