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Online shopping has created a whole new world. We can buy anything we can think of at any time of the day or night and have it delivered to our front door within a matter of days. Sometimes within a matter of hours. But how can you be sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck?

It takes a lot of time to compare prices across different sites and to search for coupon codes. Oftentimes, the process is a waste because the price of an item is nearly identical on every site you look at and the coupon codes you find don't work.

Luckily, there is a tool that you can use to help you avoid overpaying online while saving you a ton of time and effort. We are talking about a free browser extension, like Capital One Shopping and Honey. The question is—which one is better?

How Do These Free Browser Extensions Work?

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First, let's talk about the basics. Both Capital One Shopping and Honey are free extensions that you can easily add to your browser with just one click. Both take just seconds to add to popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

Once the extension is added, all you have to do is create an account and shop online like you normally do. Both Capital One Shopping and Honey are designed to help you save money on items you were already buying.

How to Save Money With Capital One Shopping

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When you add Capital One Shopping to your browser, it will instantly check for coupons, better prices, and rewards. It can help you save money in three different ways, and you don't have to be a Capital One customer to use it.

The first way to save is when it's time to check out. The extension will search for available coupons and promo codes. If it finds one, Capital One Shopping will automatically apply it at checkout to get you a lower price. You don’t have to search for coupon codes!

Second, it will compare prices while you shop at various retailers—like Amazon, Target, and Best Buy—to make sure there is not a lower price available on another site. This includes shipping fees that you do not see until checkout, as well as membership pricing.

If it finds a better price, Capital One Shopping will show you the difference and provide you with a direct link to the other retailer. When coupon codes and lower prices are not available, you can still save money with Capital One Shopping Credits.

The third way to save is by using those Credits and redeeming them for gift cards on popular sites like eBay and Walmart.

Does Capital One Shopping Really Save You Money?

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Capital One Shopping has helped millions of customers find incredible deals across tens of thousands of retailer sites. Capital One Shopping is always on the lookout for great deals. And, if it finds a better deal while you shop at Amazon or Target, a friendly pop-up will alert you before you spend an extra penny.

In the last year, Capital One Shopping found customers more than $160 million in savings when purchasing items they were already looking for. There is no upselling or convincing you to buy things you do not need. Instead, Capital One Shopping simply helps you save money on items you were already planning on purchasing.

Capital One Shopping Has Universal Product Search

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If you have a specific item you are looking for and you are trying to find the best available price, you can use Capital One Shopping's Universal Product Search.

This feature allows you to search for a specific product across a number of major retailers by scanning the barcode or typing in the product name. Then, it will compare the product prices, plus delivery and shipping costs.

Capital One Shopping Also Has Watchlist

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If you can't find the right price on an item for your budget at the moment, save it to your Watchlist by clicking the "add to Watchlist" button on the Capital One Shopping button in your toolbar. When you save an item to your Watchlist, Capital One Shopping will alert you when the price drops or if they find you an even better deal.

How to Save Money With Honey

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The Honey browser extension helps you find coupon codes on more than 30,000 sites. Once installed, a small Honey icon will appear on your browser.

When shopping on one of those select sites Honey has partnered with, the extension will automatically look for coupon codes. If Honey finds you a working code, they will apply the one with the biggest savings to your cart.

Another way to save money with Honey is through gold points. When you shop online you can automatically earn Honey gold points that you can redeem for gift cards. You need at least 1,000 Honey Gold points to redeem them. Those points give you up to 20 percent back on your purchases, which is paid out quarterly.

The Honey Drop List

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Similar to Capital One Shopping’s Watchlist, the Honey Drop List is a tracker that alerts you when an item you are looking for has dropped in price. All you have to do is let Honey know what item you are looking for, and if the price drops within 60 days you will get an alert.

Does Honey Really Save You Money?

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Yes, Honey can save you money. But just like when you search for coupon codes on your own, the process can be hit and miss. With a lot of misses. Because the Honey savings are limited to coupon codes on specific sites, the opportunities to really save some cash do not come along often enough for it to make a difference in the budget.

Oola's Verdict

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When you are looking to save money while shopping online, we think Capital One Shopping is the better free browser extension. Hands down. Capital One Shopping offers more ways to save than its competitors, which means you could find yourself paying lower prices once you’ve installed it.

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