Our lives are hectic, so make things easier with these services and programs provided by Amazon. Hire a personal clothes shopper, get groceries, an array of subscription boxes, and medication all delivered to your door with the click of a button. Although every program isn't available in every state, sign up for the waitlist, and Amazon will send a notification when the service becomes available in your area.

The future is now. Homes have never been smarter, and with devices like smart locks, security systems, and smart lighting, homes have never been more secure. Make Alexa your personal assistant to set reminders, make lists, and even order dinner. Here's a breakdown of all that Amazon has to offer.

Amazon Personal Shopping Prime Wardrobe

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Clothes shopping is so 2012. Starting at just $4.99 monthly, Amazon personal shoppers will curate boxes to your tastes, styles, and needs. First, take the style survey to share your preferences with the stylist. Keep in mind the more specific and more information that's given, the better idea the stylist will have of your likes and dislikes. The stylists will choose from thousands of brands and base new choices on the feedback they receive from you. So each month the box will improve and be more to your style. Preview pieces before they ship and keep clothes for seven days before deciding to keep or to send back. Returning the items is hassle-free, but we have a feeling the clothes will be too cute to send back.

Amazon Grocery Shopping

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Who has time to grocery shop? Strolling down the aisles, waiting in long lines, and impulse-buying Twizzlers at the grocery store may be a thing of the past, and that's okay with us. Amazon offers a few grocery services including a subscription service, a Whole Foods market, and even physical stores where you can grab what you want, bypass the line, and just walk out the door. Shoppers can also use EBT and SNAP on pantry and grocery items, even fresh produce!

Subscribe and Save is a recurring delivery option that automatically delivers goods to your door. Choose the frequency of delivery and pick products from household items, baby care, pet supplies, grocery, health and wellness, and beauty and personal care. Life just got a little easier.

Amazon Subscription Boxes

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Amazon has just about every type of subscription box that's ever been imagined. Whether gifting a box to a friend or wanting to discover something new, just about every category, genre, and niche has been boxed up and curated to please just about everyone.

Popular boxes include beauty subscription boxes like Allure Beauty Box, culinary spice kits such as Wanderlust spice kit, and coffee boxes like Bean Box. The best subscription boxes for kids include LIttle Passports, Book Box, and a coding box called Bitsbox. There are even a ton of subscription boxes for pets! However, these don't even scratch the surface of all the boxes that Amazon has to offer.

Other subscription boxes include:

Amazon Pharmacy

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While not the most glamorous service Amazon provides, Amazon Pharmacy can save you the headache of having to remember to pick up your meds each month. Amazon Pharmacy accepts most insurances and Prime members get even more benefits, like free two-day delivery. Explore pricing options for different medications, contact a pharmacist 24/7 for any questions, and know that all medical information is protected. Amazon will send you tracking info and updates to keep you in the loop as to when your medication will arrive.

Amazon Photos

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Once upon a time we took pictures with a camera, wound up the film, and went to our local big-box store or pharmacy to develop said film. Sometimes we would splurge and go for the 1-hour photo, but other times we'd leave it and come back several days later to pick up pictures that may or may not have been of people with closed eyes. C'est la vie!

These days we need gigs of data storage, (okay, lots of storage!) for the thousands of pics of our kids, dogs, selfies, and families that need to be preserved for posterity! With Amazon Photos, secure your memories with backup storage starting at just $1.99/monthly. Five GB of full-resolution photo and video storage, access across all devices, and the option to easily order prints, wall decor, holiday cards, and more are included!

Amazon Home Services

Professional Furniture Assembly Worker Assembles Shelf. Professional Handyman Doing Assembly Job Well, Helping People who Move into New House.

If odd jobs around the house have gone undone, take a breath before nagging your significant other, and contact Amazon Home Services for help. They will tackle the honey-do list that we all put off for the weekend that somehow still never manages to get done by Sunday. Professional installers will come to your home and set up your home theater, assemble furniture, and even set up kids' playsets.

Other services include:

Amazon Explore

Paris Best Destinations in Europe

Amazon Explore is a virtual experience like no other. A host will live-stream unique experiences directly to your laptop or desktop. The session is private, so feel free to talk to the host, ask questions, and have fun! Hang out with sloths and monkeys in Costa Rica, take a rickshaw tour in Tokyo, or explore the Eiffel Tower while an English-speaking host guides you and answers any questions in real-time.

Pick a region or an activity like a cooking demonstration of empanadas and the culinary heritage of Argentina, take a shopping trip in Buenos Aires, or even learn about your DSLR camera from an NYC photographer. There's so much to see and learn, and Amazon has made an experience of a lifetime way more accessible.

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