The 9 Best Sex Toys for 2021 (You Can Thank Us Later!)

Womanizer Pro 40 Clitoral Vibrator

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Hoping for a little clit action? This Womanizer Clitoral Vibrator has many, many satisfied customers.

There are six different intensity levels, including powerful but quiet suction capabilities. It's waterproof, as all good sex toys are. And it's not overly aggressive, so it shouldn't cause any of the numbing effects that some powerful vibrators do.

An adult store worker said she'd tried just about every toy out there and happily reported on the Womanizer Vibrator: "There is nothing I don't like about this product. Get one. NOW."

Paloqueth G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

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Looking for a toy that will give simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation? Paloqueth's Rabbit Vibrator is an mmmm good one to try out.

The dildo part of the vibrator is ergonomically angled so that it'll easily hit just the right spot. And the lil' bunny ears will give your clitoris all the vibration it needs. It's super quiet, in case that's a concern. Get it in purple or pink for some colorful fun!

One customer's experience says it all: "I felt like my body exploded internally and externally at the same time."

BOMBEX Double Dildo Vibrator

Most adventurous
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The BOMBEX Double Dildo Vibrator might be slightly on the more adventurous side. But there are all kinds of ways to use it, depending on your sexual orientation, preferences, and relationship status!

If you've got a partner, this is a super fun toy for mutual stimulation. If you've both got vaginas, slide it in and play away. If only one (or none) of you are vagina-havers, it's also a great toy for anal play.

Alternatively, if you're flying solo—or just want all the stimulation you can get—try out some combo of vaginal, anal, and clitoral stimulation. It might seem intimidating at first—but it's a great toy for exploring your pleasure.

Just take it from one overjoyed user: "This is the gift that keeps on giving."

Bullet Vibrator Kegel Ball Sex Toys

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The Bullet Vibrator Kegel Ball Sex Toys are fun for all kinds of reasons.

First, there's the insertable toy that can vibrate on 10 different settings. Control the settings from the dildo vibrator itself—or, if you've got a partner around, it can also be controlled remotely. This is a fun way to switch it up and play around with your SO.

Even better, the remote also doubles as a vibrator itself, perfect for the clit or nipples. This remote/vibrator also has 10 different settings. So many options, so much to choose from!

We'll let a rave reviewer sum it up: "Honey, this product is not for the weak!"

Tracy's Dog G-Spot Dildo Vibrator

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Tracy's Dog G-Spot Dildo Vibrator is a great multipurpose sex toy. It's designed just right to hit the g-spot, for deep stimulation. But you can also use it on the clitoris, nipples, or even for a little anal fun. There are 10 different patterns to choose from—so you can switch it up and find what you like.

As one happy user said, "I finally got a chance to use this bad boy and I am in love! It's so soft but oh so powerful! She hits all the riiiggghhht spots!"

SVAKOM G-Spot Vibrator

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Sleek, easy-to-use, discreet, and versatile—this dildo vibrator's got it all. It's got an ergonomic design, a carefully designed tip that's great for both the clit and the g-spot, and 25 different possible combos of speeds and patterns.

If you'd like a simple but powerful and classy but pleasurable toy, try out this SVAKOM G-Spot Vibrator.

One customer bought it for his girlfriend and reported back: "This toy is wonderful. I bought this for my girlfriend and she has played with it every day since."

Wand Massager Sohimi G-Spot Dildo Vibrator

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Some folks prefer the classic wand vibrator design. And this Sohimi massaging vibrator won't let you down.

It's got seven different vibrating and suction functions. Either end can be used for stimulation, depending on what you're craving. There are countless different ways it can be used for pleasure-maximizing fun. It's also waterproof and has easy magnetic charging—so you can use it again and again and again.

One enthused user emphasized its multifunctional abilities: "LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! Not only is this great for its 'intended' purpose but it also happens to be great for massages."

Silicone Cock Ring Vibrator

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A cock ring is a fun, adventurous way to make things interesting in the bedroom.

This Loverbeby Cock Ring can serve a couple of different functions. It can be used as a way to prolong and enhance erection and hold off ejaculation. But while doing so, you can also get some vibrations going for heightened sensation for you and your partner. Great for clitorises, penises, or any other creative ways you can think to use it.

Buy it for yourself—or surprise your partner with a gift!

One gentleman was quite satisfied with his purchase: "My wife and I have used all kinds of toys, but this one is amazing. Most are not enjoyable for both of us at the same time or offer this much diversity. So small but so powerful and so many diff speeds to switch it up."

Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator

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The wonderful thing about the Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator is its shape. It's been carefully designed into a shape that "presses and pulls on the G-Spot just right."

If you're wanting constant vibration, it's got three different levels of intensity. And if you're wanting to switch it up a little more, there are six different patterns to choose from.

It's powerful yet smooth and soft, giving the best of both worlds. It's also ultra-quiet if you live with others and are trying to be discreet.

If that weren't already enough, it's also highly reviewed: "This product is hands down one of the best vibrators you could buy, especially for the price."

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