12 Pool Floats and Accessories You NEED To Throw the Ultimate Pool Party

Inflatable Cactus Drink Holder

Drinks and Games
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There’s no point in being in a pool all day if you don’t have easy access to your drinks, right? This cactus drink holder is absolutely adorable and can be filled with ice to keep your drinks cool all day long. Oh, and bonus—this cactus drink holder comes with an inflatable ring toss game, so you can keep your guests entertained in the pool. Isn’t that plantastic?!

Inflatable Battle Log Rafts

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We can’t think of anything more fun than paddling around our pool, trying to knock our friends off of inflatable logs, with other inflatable logs. This eight-piece set has enough equipment for four players, so you can do a double date pool duel. Um, can you think about the amazing abs you’ll develop if you use this? Add to cart!

Inflatable Avocado Pool Float

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Because who doesn’t need a giant, floating avocado in their lives? We’re partial to this particular pool floatie, because the pit is actually a giant, removable beach ball. Commence the pool volleys now! The fact that this avocado pool floatie is so Instagram-worthy doesn’t hurt, either. This guacs our world!

Bachelorette Party Inflatable Pool Floats

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If you’re throwing a bachelorette party with a pool, then you need this pool floatie. We think this party float is perfect for photo ops, or simply for a day of drinking, celebrating, and enjoying that last fling before the ring. In case you were wondering, this pool floatie is six feet long when fully blown up, and it folds back down to a two-pound pack when fully deflated. To have and to hold, right?!

Hoovy Giant Convertible Car Inflatable Pool Float

This One Is Huge
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This inflatable floating convertible car is the pool float of our dreams. Wanna know why? It expands to over 6-feet wide and is perfect for those who love to lounge. The extra-large pool float is made of high-quality, durable, UV-resistant vinyl and even comes with a patch kit for accidental punctures. No pool? No problem! This floatie is easy to wipe down, inflate, deflate, and store so you can take it with you to the beach or the lake too!

Inflatable Rose Wine Bottle

Sip and Float
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Because if we’re going to spend all summer long lounging in the pool, we’d rather do so on a floating wine bottle. Bonus: this floatie comes with a built-in cup holder so you can sip on your vino while you chill!

Giant Pineapple Pool Party Float

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As far as adorable pool floaties go, this floating pineapple just about makes the top of the list. The pineapple measures at just over 76-inches in length, so there’s plenty of room for lounging all summer long. Buy this floatie and live pineappley ever after!

Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

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This comfortable unicorn pool float is designed to hold two adults and can fit a maximum weight of over 400 pounds. Sounds like a challenge to us! Grab your group of gal pals, mount this unicorn, and get ready for a day of fun and floating.

Floating Beer Pong Set

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Take this fun college pastime, combine it with a pool, and you have the makings of a smashingly fun pool party! This floating beer pong set is six feet long and comes with sideline cup holders and ping pong balls. On the off-chance that you don’t want to play pong on it (and who doesn’t?), you can always use this as a pool floatie.

Inflatable Margarita Pool Ring

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We love it when our interests intersect, which is why we’re totally invested in this floating margarita ring. This particular floatie comes with a “lime wedge” backrest, built-in cupholders, and a margarita recipe printed on the side. Marg our words—it’s happy hour time!

Baby Flamingo Pool Float

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Have kids at your pool party? Then, you absolutely need this adorable flamingo float! Designed for kids ages eight months to four years, this float provides good back support to allow your kid to safely bob up and down in the water. Plus, they'll look absolutely adorable—which is always a plus!

Pool Volleyball Set

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There's nothing more fun than ending a pool party with a competitive game of beach volleyball...and this floating set brings the game to the pool! Both the net and the ball float, meaning that you can play this in the shallow or the deep end of the pool. Grab your closest friends, pick teams, and start volleying that ball back and forth.

We’re not gonna lie: you should totally just buy all of these pool floats and accessories. Um, can you say best pool party ever? You’re welcome, by the way. See you at your house!

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