Leak-Free Swimming: Our 8 Favorite Period-Proof Swimsuits

Leakproof Classic One-Piece

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KT by Knix has a whole line of period-proof swimwear (scroll on down to see their other options). They're totally wearable without pads or tampons, but if you're worried and it's a heavy flow day, they suggest wearing them in combo with pads or tampons for two levels of protection. The swimsuits trap and absorb the menstrual blood, so even when you get in the water, you'll be worry and leak-free. There's an ultra-discreet absorbent pad in the gusset liner that absorbs up to three teaspoons of blood (which equals about three tampons).

This KT by Knix Leakproof Classic One-Piece swimsuit is super cute and super practical. We love the adjustable straps and non-dig leg opening. It also comes in extended sizes that support bigger cups (yay for big-boobed ladies!). Wearing this swimsuit, you'll look and feel good!

Swimwear Recycled Hi-Waist Bikini Brief

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Next up, we've got Modibodi period-proof swimwear. Modibodi is an amazing company with a whole range of period-proof clothing. They've got activewear, underwear, overnight clothing, and more. And we absolutely love their menstruation-friendly swimsuits.

Their Swimwear Recycled Hi-Waist Bikini Brief looks great, is good for the planet, and is so helpful during that time of the month. It absorbs up to 10 millileters of blood (equal to two teaspoons or two tampons). It's perfect for spotting, discharge, or light to moderate flow days. It's available in black.

Flattering and functional? Heck yes.

Double Tie Period Swim Bottom

Worry-free swimming
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Ruby Love is another company that we love that offers period-proof swimwear. Just like with other brands, these swimsuits can be worn with or without pads, tampons, or menstrual cups.

This cute, polka-dotted double tie bikini bottom has a built-in absorbent liner. It has up to three tampons worth of protection (or, if you pair it with their Double-Sided Pad, it has up to six tampons worth of protection!). Their dri-tech mesh prevents all front, side, and back leaks. And it's plastic-free, sustainably-made, and odor-free! What's not to like??

Period Swimwear Off the Shoulder

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We just love this Ruby Love off-the-shoulder period swimsuit.

No tampon or pad needed with this absorbent and leak-proof swimwear. The off-the-shoulder neckline is especially cheeky, flirty, and cute. We're going particularly gaga over the Burnt Sun color, but Ruby Love also has it in Black Sea (black), Hawaiian Mountain (rich brown), Floral Vacation (green, purple, and pink floral pattern), and Set Sail (adorable black-and-white stripes).

Swimwear One Piece

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Along with their awesome bikini bottoms, Modibodi also has a period-protected one-piece option. It's got all the same benefits as their bikini bottoms. It's the perfect full protection for light days or back-up for pads, tampons, or menstrual cups for your heavier flow days.

Get it in black or navy and enjoy sun-bathing and swimming in style this summer.

Period Swim Bottom

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This Period Swim Bottom is another great option from Ruby Love's period swimwear. For those out there who love hipster-style bikini bottoms and want period protection, this one's the perfect choice!

Use these cute bottoms to swim, paddleboard, sunbathe, surf, lounge, play volleyball, or do any other summer activity without worry! Get them in Black Sea (black), Blue Waters (royal blue), or Napa (wine-y purple). Pair it with their oh-so cute swimsuit tops and get ready for some stress-free time in the sun.

Wrap Top & Leakproof High Rise Set

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This set will be the perfect addition to your summer. We love all of the Knix products (and especially these period-proof swimsuits). So why not make it a set??

This bikini top is unbelievably cute—and also pretty unique if we do say so ourselves. It's sexy, sleek, and flattering, but also ultra-supportive and without all the typical bikini risks of a nip slip or full-on flashing. This is a brand-new addition to the Knix collection and is available starting at the end of April. Get yours now!

Swimwear Bikini Brief

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Get back to the basics with this Modibody Swimwear Bikini Brief. It's no muss, no fuss, no frills. Just a classic bikini bottom with all the perks of modern period-proof swimwear technology. Get it in black or navy.

One satisfied customer found this bikini brief to be just the thing she needed: "I am really happy with these, I'm not sure how they work but they do! So glad I can finally swim whenever I want. I tried these on a medium flow day and they worked great. Definitely get them if you are always swimming at the beach/pool and don't want to miss out."

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