It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with hard seltzer drinks, but TBH, we were getting a little tired of the same old vodka/soda combinations. So when we found out about Mamitas Tequila + Soda, we were immediately infatuated and could not get enough.

Tequila plus sparkling water, all in a cute little can? Yes, please!

Less than two grams of sugar? You know it!

Here are some other reasons (as if we needed any more) why we’re obsessed with Mamitas Tequila + Soda. Read on for our petition to make Mamitas Tequila + Soda the official drink of this summer.

Mamitas Tequila + Soda Low Calorie

Mamitas Tequila + Soda

Each Mamitas Tequila + Soda is a mere 95 calories. Compared to a glass of red wine (123 calories) or a can of beer (154 calories), this is one of the lowest-calorie options out there for drinkers! If you like tequila, a typical margarita will set you back around 200 calories. So our vote is definitely for one of these bad boys!

Plus, the fact that these drinks are low-calorie means that they’re the perfect drink for the calorie-conscious drinker who wants to let loose every now and then but also wants to watch their weight. Say no more!

It’ll Give You a Nice Buzz

Mamitas Tequila + Soda

Mamitas Tequila + Soda has a 5% ABV, which is just enough to give you a nice buzz, but not enough to get you sloshed. It’s great to have this much control over what you’re drinking because you can always drink more if you want to up your buzz. Hey, we’re always happy to drink more than one!

Mamitas Tequila + Soda Flavors Can’t Be Beat

stacks of boxes of different flavors of mamitas tequila and soda

We’re suckers for flavors, and boy oh boy, does Mamitas ever knock it out of the park with its flavors! Mamitas Tequila + Soda offers four refreshing flavors: pineapple, paloma, lime, and mango.

Tropical and fruity, the pineapple flavor pairs perfectly with day drinking. Prefer a citrusy tang? Then, the Mamitas delightful grapefruity paloma flavor is for you!

Mamitas lime is a classic. You’ll feel like you’re drinking a light, sparkling margarita. No complaints, obviously! Lastly, but not least: mango. Nothing screams summertime more than mango.

Overall, we’re a huge fan of all of the flavors that Mamitas offers. Luckily, Mamitas offers a variety pack that features all four! There’s nothing better than fruit flavors in the summer...and combined with tequila? Swoon.

Get Your Tequila Fix, Easily

Female hand reaching can of refreshing drink on sand at the beach

Mamitas comes ready to enjoy, which is an absolute necessity for summertime drinking. Who has time to sit and mix up a new tequila drink? If you’ve ever made a margarita, you know how much effort goes into it. In our opinion, that’s way too much work to enjoy a fun summertime drink. So, just skip all that measuring, pouring, and mixing and grab a Mamitas instead!

Mamitas is Made with Real Tequila

Tequila drink vector seamless pattern. Mexican alcohol traditional short with lime cactus and flowers.

Tequila fans, rejoice! You’ll only find real tequila inside your Mamitas drinks. If that’s not a reason alone to drink these, we don’t know what is! Anything short of genuine tequila would be a disservice to tequila lovers. Time to get our tequila on, baby!

Mamitas Tequila + Soda is Gluten-Free

Mamitas Tequila + Soda

Gluten-free friends, guess what? Mamitas Tequila + Soda is gluten-free! Now that is a reason to celebrate. It’s so hard to show up to a party or event and realize that there are no gluten-free alcoholic beverages available. Luckily, with Mamitas Tequila + Soda, that will never happen again! You can confidently walk into any party with a case of Mamitas under your arms knowing that you’re protecting your gluten-sensitive tummy. Score!

It’s Not Too Sweet

There’s nothing worse than drinking an alcoholic beverage only to find out that it’s too sweet. Some sweetness can be good, but too much can have negative effects, like intensified hangovers, blood sugar crashes, and weight gain.

No, thank you!

Luckily, you’ll never have to worry about any of this with Mamitas Tequila + Soda. This sparkling drink is sweetened with a natural agave nectar sweetener and has less than two grams of sugar. That’s a crazy low amount of sugar for a drink, much less an alcoholic beverage! Some pasta sauces have more sugar in them than this drink. Crazy!

Stay Hydrated While You Drink

We all know that sparkling water just tastes better than regular water...and when water tastes better, you tend to drink more of it, right? Therefore, hydration! Okay, okay, we know that drinking alcohol dehydrates you. But, the fact that Mamitas is infused with sparkling water certainly helps with hydration. After all, drinking alcohol paired with water has to be better than drinking alcohol paired with no water, right?

Thanks to the delicious sparkling water in Mamitas, you’ll actually be hydrating when you drink...and thus, you’ll avoid those nasty hangovers that come after drinking alcohol with no water intake. Um, sold!

Enjoy a Refreshing Drink for Summertime

Mamitas Tequila + Soda

Last but not least, this flavored seltzer drink is refreshing AF. It truly is the perfect drink for summertime, as it’s not too heavy, and has a variety of fruity flavors. It’s one of our new favorite spiked seltzer brands. Find Mamitas stocked on store shelves somewhere near you.

So, there you have it! The next time you’re craving a drink, we highly recommend grabbing a Mamitas Tequila + Soda. This session sipper one of the tastiest seltzers on the market to help you get a nice buzz. Mamitas, you just saved our summer, baby!

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