How to Make Your Own Cookie Decorating Kit

BakeLuv Brown Bakery Boxes with Window

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A 9x9 plain white pie box is the ideal size for a DIY cookie kit. It's cheap, easy to decorate, and the window on the top will showcase the kit beautifully. If you prefer something bigger, cake or bakery boxes will also do the trick. These boxes can come in different colors, and with or without windows.

Box Liner

To keep your box contents safe – and to add a pop of color to the presentation – you will need a box liner. Sizzle or tissue paper looks nice and will fill a pie, cake, or bakery box nicely.

Instruction Card

You want to include some guidance in your DIY cookie kit. Simply type up the instructions and size them to about one-quarter page. You can decorate with stickers, use color paper or colorful fonts. Get creative and add your own personal touch!

You don't have to go into a lot of detail with your instruction card. Here are some sample instructions for your cookie kit:

  1. Use cookie kit within two weeks.
  2. Keep at room temperature. May be frozen for up to three months.
  3. Important: Bring to room temperature before using.
  4. Unpack all materials from your kit.
  5. Assemble sugar cookies on a plate or cookie sheet.
  6. Gently knead each icing bag for 1-2 minutes. Separation is normal.
  7. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut a small hole in each piping bag by cutting the pointy end.
  8. Decorate your cookies with the icing and sprinkles, using the wooden tools provided.
  9. Enjoy immediately, or dry cookies overnight and then package using the baggies and twist ties provided.

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To share your cookie creations with friends and family, you will need baggies and twist ties for packaging. You can opt for plain plastic baggies or those with color and a special design. Packaging the cookies for loved ones can make them feel even more special.

Craft Sticks

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Add coffee stir sticks, popsicle sticks, craft sticks, tongue depressors, or wooden spoons. Wooden sticks of all sizes can be used to decorate your sweet treats and are a great addition to a cookie kit.

Cute Cutters
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When you are baking your cookies, you can use cookie cutters for different shapes based on your theme. A Christmas-themed decorating kit could include cookies shaped like a Christmas tree, stars, or a snowman.

Wilton Holiday Mix 6 cell Sprinkles

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The world of sprinkles is endless! Choose two or three different kinds of sprinkles for your kit and package them in disposable 2oz portion containers. You will only need to include about one tablespoon of each kind of sprinkle.

Sugar Cookies

Of course, the most important item in a cookie decorating kit are the cookies themselves. Sugar cookies are popular for cookie kits because everyone loves them and they are a blank canvas for decorating.

For a 9x9 box, eight cookies is the magic number. You don't have to package them separately, either. Simply stack four cookies at a time and package them in a baggie with a twist tie. For maximum freshness, using a heat sealer for the cookie bag is ideal.


Assembling Your DIY Cookie Decorating Kit

When you have all of your materials and supplies ready, it's time to assemble your kit. Start by lining your box with your sizzle or tissue paper. Then, add your cookies, icing, sprinkles, and supplies. You can arrange the items any way you like, but we recommend placing the loose items (wood utensils and twist ties) in a plastic bag to keep them all together.

Sugar Cookie Recipes

Mixed Christmas cookies /// Colorful mix of Christmas-themed decorated cookies

There is an art to making delicious cookies, and you need to have the right recipe. The recipe from Sweethart Baking Experiment includes plenty of helpful hints. They include the proper way to work the dough, knowing your oven, and baking tips for achieving proper thickness and softness. The sugar cookie recipe from The Cool Cookie Show uses just five ingredients for two dozen delicious cookies. And there's even a video tutorial!

Icing Recipes

If you choose to make buttercream frosting for your sugar cookies, The American Patriette has a recipe that actually hardens. It features five ingredients and a step-by-step tutorial that's easy to follow. The results are amazing, and you can easily make this ahead of time to use in your kits. Glorious Treats also has an easy butter frosting recipe to use for sugar cookie decorating kits.

If you prefer royal icing, we recommend the Sweethart Baking Experiment. There are plenty of helpful tips and tricks that come with this recipe, and you can experiment with flavors.

Now is the time to give the gift of cookie decorating. These kits are fun to make and hand out to family and friends. It's also fun to see the creations that the little people in your life come up with. Happy Holidays!

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