If you were looking for the basic definition of a weighted blanket, you'd have to look no further than its name. Weighted blankets are blankets that have been, you guessed it, weighted, by sewing evenly distributed pellets into the fabric.

The result is a heavier blanket and the extra weight gives our body the sensation of being gently squeezed, or hugged. Scientific research has demonstrated that in many cases, this can result in calming children with ADHD or autism and help adults who suffer from anxiety, restlessness or insomnia sleep through the night. To achieve the best results, it's recommended you use a weighted blanket that encompasses about ten percent of your body weight.

It's important to realize that weighted blankets are not right for every person or every circumstance. Before deciding if a weighted blanket is right for you we encourage you to read our article on the drawbacks and benefits of weighted blankets. If you've already done so and decided to purchase a weighted blanket, you're probably wondering what your options are.

Weighted blankets can vary in style, price, material, and warranty. It can be a little daunting to determine which weighted blanket is right for you. Don't worry. Oola has done the research so you don't have to. We've sifted through the reviews and factored in the expert advice to help you find the best of the weighted blankets available on the market. Read on for our recommendations, listed in no particular order. Let the peaceful nights of sleep begin!

1. Heavy Sleeper Cool Weighted Gravity Blanket - $109.00

A woman sits up in bed beneath a weighted blanket.

There are many things we love about this weighted blanket from Heavy Sleeper, not the least of which is the price. Weighted blankets tend to come with a premium price tag and this is one of the most reasonably priced options on the market. If you're a member of Amazon Prime you can even get free shipping. This weighted blanket only comes in one size (15-pound queen), and one color, (gray).

The downside of this blanket is that it doesn't come with a duvet, which means you'll have to purchase one separately if you want a cover you can easily remove and throw in the washing machine. Otherwise, you'll have to spot clean this blanket isn't recommended machine washable.

2. Komfy Couture Extra Large Double Minky Blanket - $284.99

A Komfy Couture weighted blanket.

This weighted blanket from Komfy Couture isn't inexpensive, but, oh, is it nice. It's soft and luxurious. The kind of blanket you love so much it makes it difficult to find the motivation to get out of bed. It's also perfect for snuggling up on the couch on a rainy day for a marathon movie session. This blanket comes in weights from 15-30 pounds and there are different colors and patterns to choose from to match your personality and decor.

3. Roore 5 Pound Children's Weighted Blanket - $59.95

A child sleeps beneath a Roore weighted blanket.

We love this children's weighted blanket manufactured by Roore. It weighs five pounds and comes with a reasonable price tag. The blanket itself is washable, and it also comes with detachable, washable cover. This makes it perfect for little ones who tend to be messy or may be going through potty training.

4. Mosaic Anxiety Blanket - $174.99

A rolled up anxiety blanket.

Mosaic anxiety blankets come in a variety of weights, colors, and styles. They can be customized to suit your aesthetic and needs, but if you're in a hurry to receive your weighted blanket, they also have many in stock options to choose from. Mosaic blankest weighing up to 12 pounds can be washed in a household washing machine. For heavier blankets, the company recommends using a commercial washing machine such as you would find in a laundry mat.

5. HypnoserWeighted Blanket - $339.00

A weighted blanket on a bed.

The Hypnoser weighted blanket comes from 15-30 pounds. It comes with a duvet for easy cleaning. The blankets are machine washable, but the duvet covers are sold separately. These blankets are in stock items, rather than custom made so you can have them shipped right away.

6. Brookstone Nap Weighted Blanket - $149.00

A woman sits beneath a weighted travel blanket.

We love this 12-pound nap-size weighted blanket from Brookstone for its portability. If you're a traveler, you're not likely to pack a king-sized comforter into your luggage. This nap-size blanket is much easier to travel with. Or just to carry with you to different areas of your house. This weighted blanket is extremely soft and both the blanket and the cover are machine washable.

7. Weighted Blankets Plus LLC Blanket - $71.99

A child's weighted blanket with a underwater sea creature pattern.

Next on our list is another weighted blanket manufactured in both children's and adult sizes. The Weighted Blankets Plus LLC blanket is sized for individual use and ranges from 4-20 pounds in weight. It's made of cotton and cotton flannel for fans of natural fabrics. This blanket is machine washable, but our favorite part of this weighted blanket is the wide range of available patterns. There are unique, fun patterns that will appeal to both children and adults.

8. Red Barn Weighted Blanket $130.00

A weighted blanket, white and gray on one side, red on the other.

We love Red Barn weighted blankets because they can be completely customized. You can choose from a large variety of weights, fabrics, patterns, materials, and styles for children, adults, and travelers. These blankets are machine washable for easy care. There are a few in stock options and a rush option available for those who need to receive their weighted blanket quickly.

9. My Calm Blanket $149.00

A gray weighted blanket thrown over an orange couch.

The My Calm Blanket comes with a removable cover. Both blanket and cover are machine washable for easy care. The inner blanket is made of cotton and the outer fabric is extra plush, luxurious minky, making this blanket perfect for both the winter and summer months. This blanket is designed for teenagers and adults and comes in weights from 10-25 pounds.

10. Mela Comfort Blanket $99.97

A mela comfort blanket and box.

The Mela Comfort is a great value. It's a 15-pound, queen-size blanket and one of the best values on the market at the lower end of the price range. There is a duvet available also, but it's sold separately. Fortunately, this is reasonably priced also, because the weighted blanket itself isn't machine washable. Both the blanket and the duvet cover are gray.

We hope this list makes your quest to find the perfect weighted blanket a little easier. But most of all, we hope you and your loved ones finally get a good night's sleep.

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