Savor the sunrise while beating the morning rush. Create a cozy coffee bar at home to enjoy your blissful morning cup of Joe. Espresso yourself with cafe-worthy coffee bar ideas that will delight family, friends, and visitors. Check out our list of essentials and DIY ideas for coffee bars for your next caffeine boost.

DIY Coffee Bar Essentials

coffee bar counter

Pick A Space

If you're wondering where to set up a coffee bar in your home, know that a DIY coffee station can fit in any space, no matter how small. Start by scoping out the most underused spaces in the kitchen, dining room, living room, or office.

You may find yourself rearranging some furniture, reorganizing your kitchen cabinets for extra space on the kitchen counter, or rediscovering an unappreciated corner in the living room.

If you realize that there is no shelving available to you in your designated space, don't fret! Individual hangers or smaller shelving units can be installed on the wall for your coffee mugs, ingredients, and equipment.

Choose A Coffee Bar Table

coffee bar sideboard

If you've chosen a counter to set up your coffee bar, you'll want to avoid clutter as much as possible. To decrease clutter, purchase a tiered tray to house your java items and/or secure a shelf to the wall above the counter to place cups, coffee, and other essentials.

If you're not using a counter for your coffee bar space, there are a variety of tables, hutches, and kitchen carts that you can use as your coffee bar nook. Individual tables make fantastic coffee bars to enjoy a relaxing cup of your favorite coffee or a place to entertain guests and to show off your personal style.

If you have the room to spare, think about re-purposing a sideboard or buffet table for your coffee bar. Get creative and modernize a vintage bedroom bureau or old bookcase for a classy, nostalgic, and elegant feel. Keep it simple with a rolling kitchen cart from Ikea, with floating shelves. Or go vertical with a bakers' rack and stock all of your cafe essentials on the shelves.

A designated coffee bar table provides both efficiency and function while displaying your individual java cafe designs.

Stock It Up

coffee bar chalkboard

With an appointed spot for your coffee station, you're now ready to stock it up with coffee bar essentials.

Coffee Maker

First things first, you'll need a way to brew your coffee. Decide on the best ways to make coffee, and then which coffee maker suits your lifestyle the best. Ideally, a full pot drip coffee maker or a single-serve machine such as a Keurig is the most fitting for a coffee bar.


If using a single-serve machine, store your coffee pods in a decorative wire basket, storage drawer, apothecary glass jars, or a carousel. If stocking ground or whole beans, make sure to store them in opaque, air-tight labeled canisters. A darker canister will preserve the freshness of your coffee.

A selection of roasted beans is always a nice touch for guests so they're able to choose from many types of coffee. If you desire whole beans, a coffee grinder will be required.

Milk, Sugar, Cream And Flavored Syrups

How do you take your coffee? Make sure to live life to your tastes by keeping your favorite additives well stocked. Don't forget your guests! Have milk, sugar, cream, and an array of popular flavored syrups on hand for those that prefer a shadier roast.

coffee bar

Small Plates, Trays, Spoons, Napkins

Small plates make it easier to serve piping hot coffee or tea and light snacks such as prepackaged biscotti or freshly made chocolate chip muffins. Serve several coffees and baked goods for friends and family on a tray, and don't forget the spoons for stirring, and napkins for light spills.

Fruit And Baked Goods

Place seasonal fruits in a farm-house style wire basket, or offer guests homemade blueberry muffins and other assorted baked goods in a domed serving tray to nibble on while they prepare their morning Joe.

Personalize Your Coffee Bar

coffee bar kitchen island

Now that your coffee bar is fully functional and ready to operate, have fun with coffee bar decor. You'll want to deviate from not overcrowding your coffee bar with too many decorations. Try to keep it simple, allowing enough room between items. Also, get comfy with a color scheme or theme such a farmhouse chic, clean contemporary, or french country.

Adorn your coffee bar with unique wooden coffee bar signs. Strategically place faux perennial flowers, succulents, and additional leafy varieties around your coffee bar for bursts of color.

Pip berry or succulent wreaths are also popular choices for above the bar, as well as rustic cotton stems displayed in vases as part of a farmhouse motif.

A whimsical cookbook and soft kitchen tea towels are welcoming sights on your coffee bar for guests, as they offer a warm feel.

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