The 15 Best Things You Can Buy On Amazon To Keep Your Kids Busy Indoors

Babies & Toddlers: VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

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This is a great choice for little ones that are just starting to stand-up on their own. The walker has an adjustable speed on the wheels, as well as a lock, which makes it easy and safe to use on a variety of flooring. The front panel offers tons of entertainment with 2 play options, buttons to push, colors, numbers, songs and animal sounds.

While this is a great choice for kids just learning to walk, it also provides entertainment for toddlers who like to push it around the house and interact with the features on the front panel.

Babies & Toddlers: LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

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This table is great for kids that are just learning to stand by themselves, and looking to start learning as well as keep themselves entertained. Made of robust plastic, it can withstand just about anything a toddler can dish out. The tabletop comes with four legs that are adjustable to accommodate a growing child.

The interactive features on the tabletop teach your child letters of the alphabet, how to count to 10, how to recognize various colors and shapes, opposites, and basic words. Changing between the learning and music modes is as simple as turning the page of the attached book.

Toddlers: Crayola Washable Kids Paint

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Washable paints are a great indoor craft that introduces your toddler or preschooler to painting and allows them to get creative without worry of destroying furniture or clothes. Learning to paint can help children improve fine motor skills, and the easily blend-able colors can teach children how to mix colors. These paints are non-toxic, making them safe for even the littlest artists.

This set comes with 6 colors and is a simple and creative way to keep kids engaged and entertained indoors. Apply the paint to brushes, sponges, stamps, and stencils, to create fun and unique pieces of art to hang on the fridge or send to grandma.

Preschool: Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset

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What toddler doesn't want to pretend to be mom and dad in the kitchen? This fun open design, lets your little one cook on a pretend stovetop burner that features real lights and sounds.

Other realistic features include a molded-in sink with faucet, large countertop, refrigerator and over with working doors, plus plenty of storage space for dishes and accessories. The storage baskets, cabinets and accessory hooks help to keep items neat and tidy when playtime if over.

Preschool: Melissa & Doug, The Original Pretend Play Cleaning Set

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Playing house is a fun way for kids to develop confidence and to learn responsibility. This 6-piece set gives kids all the housekeeping tools they need to clean, while helping them develop fine motor skills, fostering creativity and imagination. Kids can play house independently, with their siblings, or alongside mom and dad.

The solid wood handles and colorful bristles and duster give the set a classic look, while remaining durable and functional. All of the pieces have hanging loops so that you can easily store them when playtime is done.

Preschool: Kinetic Sand and 10 Tools

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You'd be surprised at how something so simple can be so entertaining! Similar to Play Doh in many ways, kinetic sand can be described as a dry version of the wet sand you find at the beach. The sand can be moulded, shaped, scooped and grated! This set comes with 10 different types of tools, as well as a sand box and instruction sheet to keep your little one busy for hours.

Kinetic sand is made from natural sand and is wheat, gluten and casein free, making it safe for play– and non-toxic if kids decide to put it in their mouth. While it isn't 100% mess-free, it is easy to clean up as the sand sticks to itself.

Ages 5–7: Monobeach Princess Tent

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Inspired by castles and fairy tales, this enchanted secret palace provides a fun and imaginative space for children to play, relax and read books. The tent is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play and comes with whimsical star lights. The tent is lightweight, simple to assemble and comes with detailed set-up instructions.

Watch you child's imagination come to life, as they create their own world inside and fill it with pillows, stuffed animals and toys.

Ages 5–7: Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit

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The Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit offers the ultimate in DIY slime making fun and learning! Spark your child's creativity with the ability to make over 100 different slimes with fun add-ons like sparkles and bubble gum scents. Inside the kit, you'll find a helpful guide with proven recipes, so you don't risk another slime DIY fail.

Rest assured the slime is 100% hypoallergenic and is safe for kids and adults. The kit comes with airtight storage containers perfect for storing your slime when you are done.

Ages 5–7: Tulip One-Step 5 Color Tie-Dye Kits

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Tie dying shirts, socks or even sneakers is a fun afternoon project for kids, and is also a great way to encourage creativity, while promoting hand strength and coordination in a playful way.

Tie dye doesn't have to be a huge messy project. This kit make the process fun and simple for kids of all ages. Unlike traditional tie dye, you don't have to pre-soak garments in a chemical solution, or mix up a complicated recipe. Simply add water to dye bottles, shake them up and go. Everything you need to get started is in this kit - minus the t-shirt.

Ages 8-12: Kids Against Maturity

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Kids Against Maturity is an entertaining family card game that’s highly rated thanks to its hilarity, fast pace and addictive nature. If you've ever played Cards Against Humanity, this is the PG friendly version. To play, each player gets 10 answer cards and takes turns asking the question cards. Each question asker chooses the funniest answer– and whoever provides the most winning responses wins the game.

Make some popcorn and grab the whole family for this, or even set-up a video call for you child and their friends!

Ages 8-12: Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit

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The Klutz Lego Chain Reactions kit is packed full of ideas, instructions and inspiration to create 10 different machines that swing, pivot, roll, drop, lift and spin. After you've created your machines, combine them together in any order you like to create your own chain reactions.

This is perfect for the child who loves legos, but looking for something more challenging that will keep them entertained for hours. A perfect cure for the "I'm bored" blues, this kit will spark you child's imagination and fuel their creativity.

Ages 8-12: Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

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Kids can draw like a pro with this tracing pad that encourages both creativity and hand-eye coordination. The set features over 35 different art tools including fashion and animal tracing, downloadable images, a graphite pencil, tracing sheets, blank sheet and colored pencils for coloring and illustration.

The pad runs on three AA batteries, and makes a great activity to keep kids entertained for hours.

Ages 8-12: DIY Table Top Robot

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Challenge you child's imagination while teaching them about science and robotics with this hands-on kit that will have them constructing a working robot crab. No special tools or knowledge is required, and the kit contains a detailed guide on how to put it together.

Even after the crab is assembled kids will enjoy watching the crab walk around on it's own, avoid obstacles and perform a range of other tricks.

Teens: Throw Throw Burrito - A Dodgeball Card Game

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Grab the whole family for this game best described as a card game combined with dodgeball. The goal is to try to collect matching sets of cards faster than your opponents while dodging, and throwing squishy airborne stuffed burritos. When you collect cards you earn points, but if you get hit by a flying burrito, you lose them.

Clear out some space in the living room and put away the breakables– this is a unique game the whole family can enjoy together!

Teens: Kanoodle Brain Twisting 3-D Puzzle Game

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Kanoodle is a puzzle game that includes 12 puzzle pieces, 200 puzzle challenges, a 48-page illustrated puzzle book, and a carrying case. These logical thinking puzzles range from basic to deceitfully difficult– there are hundreds of possible combinations, but only one correct answer.

The perfect entertainment for everyone from pre-teens to adults, the Kanoodle enhances problem-solving, critical thinking and strategic thinking skills.