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Sonoma (White)

Nature Lover
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Soft greens and a mix of warm tones give this high-quality Sonoma wallpaper a look that will liven up any room. Its bold yet restrained plant pattern features a mix of different leaves, flowers, and vines.

Sonoma serves as a stunning accent wallpaper in just about any living space. The pattern is also available in three other colors—cream, fern, and indigo—allowing homeowners to match the pattern to other color schemes in their homes.

Ahoy (Fog)

Nautical Ventures
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Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect wallpaper for a beach house, or simply want to make a bright statement in a bathroom, Ahoy peel and stick wallpaper does not disappoint. Decked out with various sailboats and whale tails, this luxe, modern wallpaper is available in charcoal sketches on light gray background or navy on true white. Digitally printed on PVC-free, this pre-pasted paper is washable, durable, and fade-resistant.

Mighty (Sand)

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Sepia tones dominate this meerkat-adorned wall application. This simple Mighty wallpaper features beautiful line art of meerkats and lions living in harmony. Large blocks of this illustration and plenty of negative space create a simple and refined balance as the pattern sprawls out across a wall.

Try it against a deep red interior to create a striking contrast. If the sand tone is too warm for the other colors in a room, it's also available in a charcoal color more reminiscent of traditional pencil art.

Secret Garden (Blush)

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Those looking to make a big and striking statement on their wall should look no further than the Secret Garden peel and stick wallpaper pattern. It has a similar overall feel as the Sonoma patter, however, there is less negative space and more interesting details to get lost in. For example, this wallpaper features songbirds and butterflies with a splash of color in the wings.

The blush overtones help balance out the appearance and keep the pattern from becoming too busy. Don't let yourself be limited by the four walls of a room, try the Secret Garden wallpaper pattern on a ceiling for a fresh and interesting view. Secret Garden is available in several other color schemes that are sure to be a great fit in any home.

Night Heron (Sage)

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Artistic wallpaper patterns can make for a fun and unique accent to a room that will draw attention, but not distract. Another great option for an accent wall is the Night Heron mural pattern. The lower portion features rich and dense foliage with fearless colors and vibrant flowers.

Negative space is filled with a muted greenish-blue that gives the eye a break from all the excitement below. Peering down the wall is a beautiful and elegant heron under a crescent moon. This pattern is broken into four tall segments that line up across 96-inches of width and it accommodates walls up to 124-inches tall.

Canopy (Ebony)

Mystic Wonder
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It's surprising to see what a dramatic dark wall can do to a room. The canopy floral wallpaper pattern combines a deep ebony hue with a trim of emerald foliage and vivid ruby flower pedals for a dark Alice in Wonderland-like feel. This adventurous accent wallpaper features three panels covering 72-inches of width. It's the perfect high-quality wallpaper that can make any room Instagram-ready.

Underwater World (Gold)

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If anything can be both understated and visually intense at the same time, it's this high-quality wallpaper. Thanks to plenty of negative space, an entire copper-colored waterscape masterpiece is on display without overtaking a room.

One can spend hours finding new little details to enjoy in this Underwater World design. It should be noted that this wall application is not available in a peel and stick format, so traditional wallpapering methods need to be used during the application process.

Fable (Blush)

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A modern twist on classic vintage wallpaper is available at Hygge & West. The Fable pattern features a striking reflective copper tone against a soft blush backdrop that would be perfect for a little girl's nursery. This traditional wallpaper features tan rabbits, turtles, butterflies, and flora, creating an elegant and vintage feel without feeling dated.

Wallpaper can open a world of opportunities and creative expression to those redecorating their living spaces. There are a wide variety of patterns and options that can serve as an accent wall or full room application without feeling busy. Try some of these popular, high-quality peel and stick wallpaper designs from Hygge & West the next time your room needs a refreshed modern look.

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