9 Best Eco-Friendly Home Products of 2021

Grove Tree Free Paper Products

For the Bathroom
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Home essentials supplier Grove is currently in Phase One of its two-phase plan to become 100% plastic-free by 2025. Every Grove order is plastic neutral—for every ounce of plastic Grove sends, it collects and recycles one ounce of plastic pollution.

Grove’s Tree-Free paper products are already outfitted for the company’s new no-plastic initiative. The toilet paper, facial tissues, and paper towels are all made of pesticide-free, non-panda food bamboo and shipped in a recycled paper box.

America’s largest tissue companies source materials from ancient trees in North American forests, permanently marring the landscape and displacing people and wildlife. Making the switch to Grove’s tree-free TP is good for the tush and the planet.

Public Goods Compostable Trash Bags

For the Whole House
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According to TheWorldCounts.com, we use an estimated five trillion plastic bags per year. It takes anywhere from ten to one thousand years for these bags to decompose in landfills.

We did the math for you—that means most of the garbage, grocery, shopping, or Chinese takeout bags used this year won’t fully decompose for five quadrillion years. (That’s about twice as long as our planet is old, people!)

Public Goods’ compostable trash bags are an earth-friendly alternative made of 25 BPI certified compostable plant plastic. Despite being just as sturdy and strong as standard plastic, these bags will break down into compostable material that’s good for the planet.

Aerogarden Bounty Elite

For the Kitchen
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In addition to being an excellent cure for black thumb, an indoor growing system also enriches the diet and shrinks carbon footprints by providing fresh, homegrown produce year-round. The hydroponic systems are easy to maintain, and if we’re being honest, addictive. Good luck not turning your entire house into an indoor garden.

We particularly love Aerogarden’s Bounty Elite for its size, versatility, and ease of use. The indoor grow system can cultivate up to nine plants at once and boasts three feet of growth height—plenty of space for greens, tomatoes, peppers, and the least sustainable veggie of them all: asparagus.

Grove Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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The Environmental Protection Agency, Procter & Gamble, and two universities partnered in 2016 to analyze the full life cycle of a roll of Bounty paper towels. The researchers found paper towel production to be rife with unsustainable fossil fuel use and tree pulp harvesting, yet grabbing for a few paper towels instead of a washrag seems to be quintessentially American.

Other countries are far more likely to reach for a reusable option like Grove’s microfiber cleaning cloth. The cloths’ microfibers attach to and remove dirt, dust and germs from any surface. Once the clean-up is done, the washcloths can be machine washed and used again and again (and again).

It might not be as instantly gratifying as wiping up a spill and immediately tossing the evidence, but sustainable living is all about that sweet and slow satisfaction.

Grove Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

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Maximize your microfiber cloth’s potential with Grove’s multi-purpose cleaner concentrate. The powerful cleaning solution uses 100% natural fragrance and 92% plant-based ingredients (unlike other cleaning chemicals chock full of parabens, formaldehyde, ammonia, bleach, and more).

Grove’s cleaner concentrate packaging is completely recyclable. And with four amazing scents to choose from, it’s a good thing too—you’re going to want to buy four of each for you, your friends, your neighbor, and anyone else who’s willing to listen to you rave about this tough-on-grease, easy-on-the-planet miracle cleaner.

TUSHY Spa 3.0

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Let’s cut the crap. Don’t ass-ume that shrinking your carbon footprint has to be complicated—sometimes, all it takes to get to the bottom of the problem is a simple toilet tweak. Switching to tree-free TP is great, but reducing toilet paper usage altogether is even better.

The Tushy Spa 3.0 is a bidet toilet attachment that requires no electricity or additional plumbing. Tushy’s world-class bidet features an automatic self-cleaning nozzle, optimized pressure and angle control, and (our favorite part) temperature control.

Plus, research shows that using a bidet is more hygienic, easier on your home’s plumbing, and a gentler option for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, or Crohn’s disease. And that’s no bullshit.

Public Goods Reusable Mesh Grocery Bag

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Don’t let the name fool you—these reusable mesh grocery bags from Public Goods can be used for way more than a trip to Kroger. After you’re done using these 100% organic cotton bags to tote fresh produce and dry goods, the bags can be used for clothes, shoes, beauty products, storage, and more.

When used in tandem with Public Goods’ compostable trash bags, the average American household can reduce their yearly carbon emissions by up to 8.25 kilograms. Buy these bad boys in bulk guilt-free—even if you end up tossing the bags, organic cotton takes around five months to decompose compared to plastic’s millennia-long life cycle.

GreenPan Chatham Ceramic Nonstick Wok

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Cheap cookware is often made of low-quality materials that leach heavy metals and harmful chemicals into the food and air when exposed to heat. Non-stick compounds like Teflon and GenX have been linked to fetal development issues, cancer, immune system deficiency, and thyroid disease. If it’s that tough on you, imagine how it is on the planet.

The greenest cookware material is ceramic, but 100% ceramic cookware is expensive, cumbersome, and easily crackable (three qualifiers we tend to avoid when looking for go-to kitchen gear).

GreenPan changed the eco-friendly cookware game forever in 2007 with the invention of Thermolon, a chemical-free, non-toxic, non-stick, ultra-thin, and durable ceramic coating. Enjoy the cost-effectiveness and lightweight feel of aluminum without the extra toxicity with GreenPan’s versatile ceramic-coated Chatham wok (slash saucepan, slash steamer, slash... you get the point).

Zwilling Fresh & Save Vacuum Starter Set

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A recent survey from the American Dairy Association Mideast found that the average American household wastes nearly one-third of the food they buy per year—the equivalent of around 250 pounds of food each year.

Registered dietitian and VP of Nutrition Affairs for ADAM, Karen Bakies, likens this phenomenon to “coming home with four bags of groceries and throwing one straight into the trash.”

Save your food, wallet, and the planet by switching to Zwilling’s Fresh & Save vacuum storage system. Zwilling’s seven-piece starter set includes two freezable and microwavable vacuum containers; four reusable, heat-resistant, and freezable vacuum bags, and a vacuum pump. Food stays fresh five times longer than in traditional storage and, considering just how much money 250 pounds of food costs, this storage system will pay itself off in virtually no time.

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