Healthy ice cream is the craze for health nuts who want to indulge their sweet tooth without the fats and sugars found in commercial ice creams. These healthy ice creams come in a variety of flavors and are often packed with fiber and protein, and some brands even exclude certain unhealthy ingredients. However, this ice cream can be expensive, so you'll want to spend your money wisely and know which healthy ice creams are worth buying.


yasso bars stacked on each other

Yasso comes in low-calorie pints or snack-size bars that satisfy your sweet tooth craving. They come in a wide variety of flavors, including chocolate chip cookie dough, sea salt caramel and pistachio brittle, so you will have no problem finding a snack that matches your tastes. Along with being low-calorie desserts, Yasso products also contain around five grams of protein and are gluten-free.

Halo Top

A very popular ice cream alternative, Halo Top's health benefits far surpass regular ice cream brands -- a half-cup of Halo Top contains 70 calories, five grams of protein and two grams of fat, compared to the 250 calories, four grams of protein and 17 grams of fat found in a same-size serving of Häagen-Dazs. Halo Top comes in dairy and dairy-free varieties in flavors including vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon cake, cinnamon roll and chocolate covered banana.

Arctic Zero

tubs of artic zero ice cream

Arctic Zero isn't technically considered ice cream, as it doesn't contain the 10 percent milkfat required for that label. However, its texture and flavor still do the trick. Arctic Zero products are fat-free, lactose-free, made with natural sweeteners and contain whey protein. There are many unique flavors to choose from, such as rocky road trip, cookie dough chip and peanut butter swirl. This product is much lighter than other brands, so if you're looking for a dense ice cream for a milkshake, this choice isn't ideal -- but it does make for a wonderful light snack.


Enlightened's flavor variety makes it stand out from the rest of the healthy ice creams -- marshmallow peanut butter, brownies and cookie dough and a popcorn ice cream with chocolate and caramel called movie night are just a few of its unique approaches to the frozen treat. Enlightened is also well-rounded for an ice cream -- a serving of butter pecan contains 70 calories, five grams of fat, three grams of sugar, six grams of protein and five grams of fiber. In fact, no product of Enlightened goes above 100 calories per serving, and every type of ice cream contains more protein than sugar.

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