I don't think very many of us are ready to kiss summer goodbye and break out the sweaters and scarves from the closet. It's not only the heat and sunshine we need to turn our backs on, but the beverages of summer as well. Sure, there are the traditional cocktails, but nothing really beats a frosty beer. Wherever we wanted to go, places typically had a few different types on the menu for us to indulge in.

Fear not, everyone, because Applebee's knows how to welcome in the fall with a great lager and even greater promotion. From September 1 through to September 30 you'll be able to get your hands on a Samuel Adams Octoberfest beer for only $2.00. The promotion will be available at participating locations and only while quantities last.

Promotions like this might sound wonderful to those unfamiliar with the restaurant chain, but Applebee's is well-known for their drink promotions almost every month. Sometimes they have one-dollar cocktails while other times they sell beers for two. This particular promo is thanks to the September Neighbourhood Drink of the Month.

It should also be noted that the Sam Adams coming from Applebee's will be a bit short of typical beer bottle servings. They'll be 10 ounces as opposed to your traditional 12, but for two dollars who's really complaining? (Some probably would which is why this information is conveniently listed here.)

Applebee's isn't really fooling anyone with their selection of beer this month. Samuel Adams Octoberfest beer, as its aptly named, is one of those drinks that fits the fall. Think of it as the Pumpkin Spice Latte of lagers (or not if that lessens the appeal). But there are distinctive notes of caramel and toffee in there, which is what makes it one of the beers to welcome in the cooler months.

Get yourself down to your participating Applebee's restaurant before Sam Adams waves goodbye and October brings in a new drink.

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