Ordering and taking shots is an easy way to make friends at a bar and kick off a night of fun. When I turned 21, I was invincible to taking any and every shot. Nothing phased me. Now, not so much. The shot has to be smooth and have a decent taste or I will gag immediately. Is this what getting older is like? Anyways. Whether you're new to 21 or in need of a shot that isn't plain wells vodka, this list is for you.

151 Ways to Die

This drink is definitely one that should be sampled by everyone. Don't worry, you won't die if you drink responsibly. 151 Ways To Die is made by combining ½ oz 151 Rum, ½ oz Jack Daniels Whiskey, ½ oz Everclear and ½ oz Tequila. Maybe order a chaser afterwards, too.

After Dark

This layered drink is unique and beautifully colored. This order consists of 1/3 oz of Licor 43, 1/3 oz of Baileys and 1/3 oz of Kahula. Enjoy!

151 ways to die shot at bar

Alabama Slammer

Sweet home Alabama Slammer. This is a sweet drink filled with fruity flavors. It consists of ½ oz of Amaretto, ½ oz of Peach Schnapps, ½ oz of Sloe Gin and a bit of sweet and sour orange juice. Delicious.

Alien Secretion

This drink is beautifully colored and perfect for the summertime. It's made from 1/4 oz of Vodka, 1/4 oz of Midori, 1/4 oz of Malibu and a 1/4 oz of Pineapple Juice.

alabama slammer with orange and cherry garnish

Almond Joy

I'm not a big almond joy girl, but this shot is creamy and sweet. It consists of ½ oz of crème de Cacoa, ½ oz of Amaretto, ½ oz of Malibu and ½ oz of cream or milk. Sip and enjoy!


Anti-freeze is the perfect shot for those who prefer a sweet, tangy taste. It is made out of 1 oz of Midori, 1/2 oz of Citrus Vodka and 1/2 oz of Sprite or 7/up.

almond joy shot garnished with candy bar crumbs


B52 is a fun, layered shot that can be easily made. It's a combination of 1/3 oz of Kahula, 1/3 oz of Baileys and a 1/3 oz of Gran Marnier. Enjoy!

Baby Guiness

This shot looks like root beer. It's 1 1/2 oz of Kahula and a 1/2 oz of Baileys but the Baileys is layered on top. Kind of makes it more like a root beer float. Yummy.

baby guiness shot looks like root beer

Bee Sting

If you're allergic to bees, you don't have to worry about this one. Bee sting shots are typically 1 oz of Jack Daniels, 1/2 oz of Buttershots and a 1/2 oz of Fireball.

Bit O' Honey

This drink is sweet and tastes almost exactly like the candy. It's a combination 1 oz of Baileys and 1 oz of Buttershots.

bee sting shots garnished with strawberries


This drink is festive and perfect for a Christmas party. Or if you just really enjoy peppermint. It's a mixture of 1 oz of Peppermint Schnapps and 1 oz of Bacardi Rum. Peppermint shot glasses and whipped cream optional.

Brown Eyed Girl

Sha-la-la-lotta layers in this shot. This drink is creamy. You can't order it without getting the song stuck in your head. It consists of 1 oz of Brown crème de Cacoa and 1 oz of Baileys.

breathalyzer shot holiday themed
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