Imagine taking time out of your day to put together the perfect sub sandwich. You meticulously choose the ingredients, spread condiments neatly, and stack up the meat just the way you like it. Once you're done, you place it inside a zippy to be enjoyed on your lunch break. However, the minute you put it inside the communal fridge at the office, the fate of your sandwich is out of your hands. It gets even riskier if you bring it along on a trip.

To make sure your sandwiches are in tip-top shape before you eat them, keep them inside the SubSafe. Specially built to keep sandwiches from getting soggy, it keeps your food safe and dry. It's made from BPA-free, high-quality plastic, the same ones used for baby bottles. It's waterproof, crushproof, and get this: it floats.

The SubSafe can also accommodate other items. The 12-inch option can fit a bottle of wine, while the 6-inch variant can function as a cocktail shaker. You can even use it as a cup or bowl, or as protector of your keys, wallet, and smartphone. Not to mention it's the best white elephant gift we've seen yet this year.

Normally $17.95, the SubSafe is on sale now for only $15.

SubSafe™ Sandwich Container - $15

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