My introduction to Viennetta began in 1995. The throwback commercial below brings back so much nostalgia and yummy delight.

Breyer's Viennetta Commercial 1995

I had just gotten home from school and this commercial is likely playing during Saved By The Bell. Pre-teen me is 100% convinced this is what real luxury eating must be. Viennetta—even the name sounds so deliciously snooty, those white gloves, sigh. It’s like a fancy feast commercial, but for humans.


After begging my mom to buy one in the local Piggly Wiggly freezer aisle, I was instantly hooked by this log of chocolate layered with ice cream. I feel exotic and worldly with the first taste. This is also one of my earliest memories of branding and marketing having such sway on me.

Well, hold on to your butts because Viennetta is coming back to a store near you! If the first seven days of this year haven’t provided you with enough excitement, let me be the first to tell you this exciting news.

In a January 5th press release, parent company Unilever states, “Good Humor revives iconic 90s Viennetta Cake: Viennetta, the beloved classic take on an ice cream cake, has finally returned to the U.S., thanks to Good Humor!"

The press release did not mention rollout plans or where this decadent treat can be purchased, but we will keep you posted and continue to follow this breaking story.

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