"Hearts, stars, and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, hourglasses, rainbows, and tasty red balloons!" You'll always be after me Lucky Charms after you learn about all the magically delicious treats you can make with Lucky Charms cereal.

Bring some extra magic and wonder to your St. Patrick's Day spread with your favorite childhood cereal with our Lucky Charms dessert recipes roundup.

1. Lucky Charms Bark

lucky charms bark in pink bowl

Would you believe us if we said an easy St. Patrick's Day dessert for kids exists with only two ingredients, and you could even enlist your child's help? White chocolate and Lucky Charms are all you need to whip up Lucky Charms Bark.

2. Homemade Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats

lucky charms marshmallow treats

Only three ingredients stand between you and these whimsical no-bake homemade lucky charms treats! Fans of store-bought cereal bars and Rice Krispies Treats will adore this homemade twist on the beloved sugary classics. Lucky Charms marshmallow treats are a fun and sweet way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with the whole fam.

3. Lucky Charms Magic Bars

lucky charms magic bars

Reminiscent of the all-time holiday favorite, the magic cookie bar, Lucky Charms magic bars are guaranteed to be magically delicious! Incredibly versatile magic cookie bars are able to be reimagined for any occasion. The Lucky Charms magic bars feature a buttery Nilla Wafer crumb crust, with a green-colored marshmallowy coconut center, topped with rainbow-hued Lucky Charms.

4. Lucky Charms Cupcakes

lucky charms cupcakes

No shamrock bash would be complete without a yummy cupcake topped with fluffy vanilla frosting and nostalgic Lucky Charms! Treat yourself to a sweet mid-afternoon treat with a batch of the most adorable Lucky Charms cupcakes made from Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting. Lucky Charms cupcakes are the ultimate St. Patrick's Day party food for both kids and adults.

5. Lucky Charms Cocoa Bombs

lucky charms hot cocoa bomb

Nothing is quite as mesmerizing as watching a luscious hot chocolate bomb melt into a delicious cup of hot cocoa. Yet, a Lucky Charms cocoa bomb makes it all that more magical with rainbow charms and white chocolate hot cocoa for a St. Patrick's Day-themed drink that's as special as finding a pot of gold.

6. Lucky Charms Cookies

lucky charms cookies on white plate

Swap out melty chocolate chips in your homemade cookies for a bowlful of playful Lucky Charms marshmallows and a sprinkle of sweet turbinado sugar. These soft and chewy Lucky Charms cookies are addictive and will disappear as quickly as a leprechaun. Hopefully, you can be lucky enough to eat one in time!

7. Lucky Charms Fudge

lucky charms fudge

You don't have to be a professional candy maker to whip up this colorful sugary confection. All you need is your handy dandy microwave, food gel, CandiQuik, white chocolate chips, vanilla frosting, and a healthy helping of Lucky Charms marshmallows. Rainbow lovers and the unicorn obsessed will think this Lucky Charms fudge is the absolute coolest.

8. Lucky Charms Cookie Dough Bars

lucky charms cookie dough bars

If you're all about eating cookie dough straight from the bowl, then you're going to fall head over heels for these no-bake Lucky Charms cookie dough bars. Featuring a buttery cereal crust, a scrumptious cookie dough lucky charmed marshmallowy center, and a buttercream topping, these rainbow-themed treats are everything a cookie dough fanatic dreams of and more.

9. Magically Delicious Shamrock Shake

lucky charms shamrock shake

Feel lucky with the adult Shamrock Shake flavored with Baileys Irish Cream and sprinkled with your favorite childhood cereal Lucky Charms for a nostalgic twist. You may never find yourself going through the drive-thru again when you can recreate this seasonal mint-flavored milkshake cult-favorite right at-home. 

10. Lucky Charms Oreo Truffles

lucky charms oreo truffles

Combine your love for golden Oreo cookies with Lucky Charms in this fun and playful version of Oreo truffles. Rich, golden vanilla merges with the sweet frosted flavors of Lucky Charms and is complemented with vibrant, celebratory colors of marshmallows. Lucky Charms Oreo truffles are an easy party dessert, ideal for happy gatherings with friends and family.

11. Lucky Charms Cake

lucky charms cake

The treasure you're looking for may not always be found at the end of a rainbow; sometimes, it can be spotted nestled inside a delicious cake! Slice into a Lucky Charms leprechaun rainbow layer cake, and a dazzling hidden surprise awaits! This joyful showstopper doesn't require expert baking skills, just a few boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix along with frosting and food gels and you'll be ready to create this memorable dessert.

12. Lucky Charms Munch

lucky charms munch in yellow bowl

Be forewarned that Lucky Charms munch is not only ridiculously simple to prepare, but it's also absurdly addictive! Get festive while getting a sugar rush off this tasty sugary sweet mix consisting of Lucky Charms marshmallows, M&M's, pretzels sticks, white chocolate melts, and nonpareil rainbow sprinkles.

13. Lucky Charms Macarons

lucky charms macarons

Put your baking skills to the test with this extraordinary Lucky Charms macarons recipe. The Lucky Charms macarons recipe utilizes the Italian method for a sturdier meringue, a popular method for those finding the macaronage stage challenging to master. Fill your macarons with a rich and creamy cereal milk frosting infused with the sugary frosted flavors of Lucky Charms. Sprinkle the tops of your macaron shells with Lucky Charms marshmallows for a playful and fun touch.

14. Rainbow Dessert Shooters

rainbow dessert shooters

Rainbow dessert shooters, aka Lucky Charms parfaits, keep it light and sweet with alternate layers of vanilla-flavored rainbow-hued yogurt and Lucky Charms in sugar-rimmed glasses. This easy, colorful layered dessert is a surefire way to entertain your friends and family, especially the little ones.

15. Lucky Charms Muddy Buddies

lucky charms muddy buddies

If the thought of a heaping bowl of freshly made muddy buddies makes your mouth water, then you'll love the magically delicious twist on this beloved classic dessert. Lucky Charms muddy buddies still have everything you know and love from the traditional muddy buddies recipe: peanut butter, chocolate, butter, vanilla, salt, and powdered sugar. But, rather than using Chex mix, Lucky charms cereal is substituted for a magical spin.

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