Have you ever wondered how to change those infuriating questions and comments your child insists on belting aloud every night across the dinner table? Parents and caregivers are all too familiar with the moans and groans of picky eaters, "How many more bites?" or "Eww, this is gross, I want something else! " Get your picky eaters excited about mealtime with EveryPlate. EveryPlate is a kid-friendly dinner-delivered meal kit sent directly to the front door that can cure your picky eater but also help parents keep their patience and sanity.

What is EveryPlate?

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EveryPlate is a flexible meal kit subscription service that is noticeably more affordable than its peers, thanks to less interior packaging and meal options that lean toward simple homestyle classics. You won’t find squid-ink pasta in this meal kit. EveryPlate's menus are slightly less adventurous than its counterparts. Low-cost ingredients make an appearance in many offerings such as potatoes, rice, or pasta, all of which are kid-friendly staples while still delivering nutritional value.

EveryPlate is an affordable meal kit for families on a budget who value no-fuss, quick, and easy weeknight meals everyone will love. Even with the added variety and quality in EveryPlate meals, preparation and cooking times are generally under 30 minutes, making putting delicious food on the table every night easy.

EveryPlate to the Rescue

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Picky eaters often leave their parents feeling defeated. It's an an-all-too-familiar scene: Mom or Dad grudgingly opening up that bag of chicken nuggets after preparing what they thought to be a beautiful meal their kids would love and appreciate after thoughtful meal planning and suffering through the hellscapes of a grocery store.

What's a parent of a picky eater to do? If this sounds anything remotely like mealtime at your house, it may be time for your kids to enter picky eaters rehab. Say goodbye to picky eating with EveryPlate!

Kid-Approved Weeknight Meals From EveryPlate

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EveryPlate offers a relatively diverse list of meals the whole family will love. Parents will discover familiar homestyle favorites~with a fun twist~on the weekly menu that is guaranteed to pique their kids' interest.

EveryPlate helps families change up the menu at home from perhaps a more humdrum dinner menu that's got your picky eater stuck in a rut. Rotating the dinner menu can open up a whole new world of flavors to your child, and—with EveryPlate—at an affordable price.

Instead of plain ol' cheeseburgers, switch it up with EveryPlate's kid-friendly caramelized onion burgers, or have your child trade in their grilled cheese standby for a delicious cheesy black bean quesadilla! Toss out the microwavable mac and cheese bowls for a warm bowl of chicken sausage orzotto with roasted tomatoes and parmesan.

If spaghetti and meatballs are your child's absolute fave, the chefs at EveryPlate have some tricks up their sleeves to turn this kid menu fav from ordinary into extraordinary. Kick this plain Jane dish up a notch with sweet and spicy ponzu pork meatballs. Or smother the meatballs in a rich gravy with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. Your kids will be begging for tomorrow night’s dinner.

With elevated classics from EveryPlate, we guarantee that your kids won't be asking every five minutes when they can have dessert; they'll be too busy enjoying these tasty meals.

EveryPlate: More Than Great Kid-Friendly Food

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EveryPlate offers some fantastic family favorite dinners week after week that your children are just bound to enjoy. But, EveryPlate provides more than just good food that everyone will love. EveryPlate offers an experience that may help your picky eater overcome their pickiness.

Give Your Child the Option to Pick Out the Menu

Have your child pick from the weekly EveryPlate online menu and choose the dinner delivered straight to your door. Picking from EveryPlate's rotation of healthy meals will get your children excited and more eager to try new dishes. It's a dream come true!

Involve Your Child With Meal Prep

Involving kids in the cooking process is a breeze thanks to EveryPlate's easy-to-follow recipe cards included with each box of ingredients. EveryPlate recipes are simple and straightforward, with step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations.

Parents may find that their picky eaters aren't so picky after helping cook an EveryPlate meal. Children often feel more willing to try new foods that they help prepare.

Something To Look Forward To

Let's be real! Getting an EveryPlate box is not the same as Mom and Dad going to the grocery store. It's much more exciting, especially when the kids get to help pick out the weekly meals.

Having a meal from EveryPlate is like going to a restaurant every night, as the dishes are exciting and new and always kid-approved!

If you're ready to stop with the mealtime struggle and relive the moments when your dining room table was once a table and not a battleground, then order a box from EveryPlate. Your picky eater will eat, you will eat (happily), and you can finally say goodbye to that frozen bag of chicken nuggets mocking you from the freezer.

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