Oreo's trajectory of innovation has been moving in one direction for a very long time; namely, the bigger the better. The original Oreo was a hit, and the company crammed more creme into the cookie and released Double Stuf Oreos, followed by Big Stuf Oreos, Triple Double Oreos, and Mega Stuf Oreos. The trend seems pretty obvious, which is why their newest cookie is so surprising: Oreo Thins.

Perhaps there was simply no way to fit more creme between the two cookie wafers, or maybe the company wanted to get in on the healthier eating trend, but whatever the reason, Oreo's newest cookie has only a slim layer of creme in the middle, and thinner wafers as well. Although it's the opposite extreme of what we've come to expect from Oreo, the proportions seem like they would be worth a try.

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