A Gorgeous Cantaloupe Flower
1. A Gorgeous Cantaloupe Flower

The lines and detail in this fruit flower make the petals looks so delicate and real!

A Vibrant Floral Watermelon
2. A Vibrant Floral Watermelon

Seriously, how does someone create this out of a watermelon?! We can barely cut decent cubes. 

An Indian Chief Pumpkin
3. An Indian Chief Pumpkin

This puts our Jack-O-Lantern to shame.

A Tropical Pineapple Parrot
4. A Tropical Pineapple Parrot

Hey, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere.

A Sneaky Watermelon Bear
5. A Sneaky Watermelon Bear

He looks like he's about to steal your fish, you better watch out. 

A Watermelon Oinker
6. A Watermelon Oinker

How adorable is this little pig?! It's perfect to use as a fruit bowl and your kids are sure to love the fun project!

A Pumpkin Masterpiece
7. A Pumpkin Masterpiece

But seriously, this should be in a museum somewhere. 

A Bad Case Of The Pumpkin Mondays
8. A Bad Case Of The Pumpkin Mondays

We feel your pain, man. Mondays are rough.

A Little Cantaloupe Baby
9. A Little Cantaloupe Baby

This adorable fruit display would be perfect for an expecting mother!

A Brilliant Cantaloupe Bird
10. A Brilliant Cantaloupe Bird

We're pretty sure this bird could fly away in an instant. 

A Stunning Watermelon Carving
11. A Stunning Watermelon Carving

The pink and green colors are gorgeous!

A Watermelon Shark Waiting To Attack
12. A Watermelon Shark Waiting To Attack

What better way to celebrate Shark Week than with this killer creation?! And you can't forget the Swedish Fish for decoration. 

A Watermelon Carved With Love
13. A Watermelon Carved With Love

Forget candy buffets, this is what you're wedding is missing.

A Swimmer's Watermelon Paradise
14. A Swimmer's Watermelon Paradise

How awesome does this swimmer look?! The water coming out takes the cake (or watermelon, in this case.)

A Pineapple Fit For A Prince
15. A Pineapple Fit For A Prince

How gorgeous is this Taj Mahal pineapple?!

A Stunning Owl
16. A Stunning Owl

We definitely thought this owl was real at first glance. Love the detail!

A Veggie Darth Vader
17. A Veggie Darth Vader

"Luke I am your carrot." 

And A Veggie Yoda To Match
18. And A Veggie Yoda To Match

"Do or do not. There is no try." This sculptor definitely kept that quote in mind! 

A Fancy Watermelon
19. A Fancy Watermelon

You deserve the best, even if that means it's a Rolex carved out of a watermelon.

A Cute Watermelon
20. A Cute Watermelon "I Do"

Who needs a big cake anyway!? This is as cute as it gets. 

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