When fashion and food combine, the results can be...unique to say the least. That's certainly the case of the $10,000 bikini made from pizza. That's right, it's literally pizza. Pepperoni pizza, to be precise.

This cheesy ensemble was created in honor of National Bikini Day by collaboration between Villa Italian Kitchen and a food stylist. The pizza-kini was only available on July 5 as part of the National Bikini Day promotion, and we're not sure how we feel about missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get our hands on this edible fashion statement.

The bikini materials, as it were, actually sound pretty darn delicious. Homemade, hand-breaded crust, whole milk cheese, and freshly sliced pepperoni sounds mouthwatering...then comes the image of someone trying to eat it after wearing it around the beach all day.

We're not the only ones feeling a bit conflicted about this pizza. People on Twitter, of course, had to chime in with their opinions as well. While most people seemed to think it was the grossest/dumbest idea they'd ever heard of, some people were willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Plenty of folks, though, knew exactly where they stood on #pizzakinigate and weren't at all shy about sharing those opinions. One Twitter user commented on the unfortunate diaper-esque quality of the bottoms. To be totally fair, he's got a point.

Other users lamented the times they found themselves in and worried about the future of the species if this is what the world has come to. We've got to admit, we know exactly where they're coming from with this sentiment.

Well, at least it's all over now. But, the next time you find yourself at the beach and/or pool, and you see someone wearing some sort of pizza-themed swimwear, make sure to take a really close look. There is now a chance it's actually edible. What is the world coming to these days?

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