Fast food at times can seem a bit predictable, with save for a random promotion here and there (hello Naked Chicken Chalupa!), we know that our choices will be pretty standard. Yet that hasn't stopped some fast food lovers from getting a bit creative with items already on the menu, making swaps and combinations to create whole new products. And for one Twitter user, a serious sweet tooth and a crafty mind led to one genius discovery at McDonald's.

That's right, taking the basic ingredients of the standard chocolate chip cookies and the always drool-worthy McFlurry from his local Mickey D's, this man probably made the tastiest sweet treat to ever come out of a fast food kitchen.

A chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich is one thing, but one filled with an oreo McFlurry is bordering on orgasmic. And Twitter definitely was in agreement, with many posting their own recreations of this culinary treat. Some even took it up a notch with trying various flavors of McFlurry fillings for their decadent ice cream sandwich filling.

Obviously, many thanks are in order for this discovery.

All we have to say is while it's quite a sight to behold, it surely is even more magical to actually consume.

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