We've all been there, enjoying the last few hours of the day before we hit the sack, when BAM, hunger strikes. At this time of night, cooking is out of the question, so instant satisfaction can easily be obtained with something as simple as a delicious bowl of cereal. But what if you have a plethora of options, each more mouthwatering than the next? How can any mere mortal choose which crunchy, sugary, late-night hunger slayer shall be the chosen one?

One woman solved this pressing issue with a brilliant but simple solution: Tupperware with compartments.

Oh yes Rhyen Renèe, you jus did something. This is a level of meal prep beyond anything we've ever seen. And note how she perfectly chooses which size compartment should house which cereal, making the obvious choice of deeming the triumphant Cinnamon Toast Crunch to the largest space, and the dependable but a bit boring Cheerios to the smallest.

Many Twitter users were quick to recognize Renèe's genius, sending their love and praise for her paving the way for the future of cereal eating.

Yet others were quick to point out potential drawbacks, namely, momma is not going to be happy to find THREE different boxes of cereal open at the same time

Luckily for Renèe, she buys her own cereal, and she is more than happy to let me mom choke down her Raisin Bran and Mini Wheats.

And for those that bring up the other issue of the cereal getting soggy, well, Renèe has that figured out too.

Seriously, this woman is obviously a cereal expert, she has this worked down to a science. And who knows, maybe she'll eventually work her way up to this:

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