Yesterday was National Pancake Day and people celebrated by creating some pretty awesome pancakes. Making these intricate designs takes skill but somehow, they make it seem easy. Looking at all of these this is just making us hungry now.

Every Harry Potter fan will appreciate these first few.

If you have Harry, you also need Severus Snape.

And we can't forget about our favorite little house elf, Dobby.

The King of Pop lives on in the form of breakfast food and other pancakes can't "beat it."

This guy gets political. We never thought we'd say this, but President Obama looks delicious!

These organs are insanely realistic. It's weird to say, but we'd love to dig into those body parts - does that mean we're zombies?

This Twitter user channeled their Halloween spirit into these pancakes.

As amazing as they all are, all we really want to do it eat them!

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