Restaurants have to focus on two things: making good food and providing great customer service. Now in the digital age, restaurants are stepping up their game on Facebook, Twitter and even Tumblr to attract customers and answer questions burning in people's minds, often in an extremely humorous manner.

In particular, Denny's is arguably killing it on the social media stage and the world is definitely taking notice.

People even tried to bribe Denny's to get their delicious pancakes for free! Which Denny's gave quite the witty reply:

But of course Denny's makes up for their rejections with hilarious memes and beautiful poetry.

Denny's is also known for their thought-provoking posts, giving Jaden Smith a run for his money.

And who could forget this classic trick Denny's played on all of us.

All we can say is well played Denny's, well played.

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